Internet Safety

New Lenox School District 122 Internet Safety Curriculum 

In response to legislation, all elementary school children in the State of Illinois are required to participate in a formal Internet Safety Curriculum every year. The grade level appropriate lessons were compiled by New Lenox School District teacher committees, in accordance with the mandate that our children learn about:

(1) Safe and responsible use of social networking websites, chat rooms, electronic mail, bulletin boards, instant messaging, and other means of communication on the Internet.

(2) Recognizing, avoiding, and reporting online solicitations of students, their classmates, and their friends by sexual predators.

(3) Risks of transmitting personal information on the Internet.

(4) Recognizing and avoiding unsolicited or deceptive communications received online.

(5) Recognizing and reporting online harassment and cyber-bullying.

(6) Reporting illegal activities and communications on the Internet.

(7) Copyright laws on written materials, photographs, music, and video.