Junior High LRC

Reading Programs


Liberty Book Club

Book club will begin at Liberty in October.   8th Grade book clubs will meet every 3 weeks on a blue day during advisories.   7th grade book clubs will meet on red days during advisories.  The announcement about the first meeting will be in late September.   Students will bring their lunches to the library on these days.  We will enjoy our lunch while we discuss our books.

Students are encouraged to read from a selection of books that will be introduced at our first meeting.  These are books that also fill the SSR requirement for most Language Arts and Reading Seminar classes.

"A good book makes you want to live in the story.  A great book gives you no choice. "

Martino Book Club

Martino Book Club begins September 20th during advisories.   Students in the book club will focus on the 2019 Rebecca Caudill nominees.   Students will bring their lunches to the LRC and eat while they discuss the books that they will be reading.