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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School

Contact Information

To email a staff member, use the email prefix below and put @nlsd122.org at the end.
(Example would be jsmith@nlsd122.org)

To call a staff member, please use Martino's main number: 815-485-7593, and your call will be directed to his/her voicemail.

If you are calling after school hours, you can follow the prompts in the recording, and you can enter the voicemail box (below) for the teacher you wish to reach.

7th Grade Staff


                  Teacher                   Email          Phone Extension
Mrs. Amy Barger ~ Math abarger x6127
Mrs. Coleman ~ Reading Seminar             jcoleman x6340
Mrs. Johnson ~ ELA kjohnson x6339
Mrs. Kamp ~ ELA jkamp x6157
Mrs. Kashirsky ~ Math jkashirsky x6359
Mr. Kilstrom ~ Social Studies bkilstrom x6382
Mrs. Lullo ~ ELA clullo x6344
Mrs. Presutti ~ Science dpresuttu x6387
Mrs. Proff ~ Math aproff x6362
Mrs. Smith ~ Math ksmith1 x6320
Mrs. Styx ~ Reading Seminar astyx x6188
Mr. Summers ~ Science dsummers     x6415
Mrs. Thulin ~ Reading Seminar mthulin x6380 
Mr.  Wettergren  jwettergren x6337
8th Grade Staff

Teacher                              Email                Phone Extension 

Mrs. Allison ~ Reading Seminar           mallison                x6347   
Mrs. Brashler ~ ELA abrashler    x6348
Mr. DeNeut ~ U.S. History sdeneut x6335
Mrs. Graef ~ Science mgraef x6388 
Mrs. Kashirsky ~ Math jkashirsky x6359
Mrs. Lavey ~ Math jlavey x6366
Mrs. Presutti ~ Science dpresutti     x6387
Mrs. Proff ~ Math aproff  x6362
Mrs. Sterritt ~ Math dsterritt x6367
Mrs. Stiglic ~ ELA jstiglic x6354
Mrs. Styx ~ Reading Seminar           astyx x6188 
Mrs. Thulin ~ Reading Seminar mthulin       x6380
Mr. Wettergren ~ U.S. History       jwettergren  x6337


Cycle and Specialist Staff

Teacher                                               Email         Phone Extension 

Mrs. Carlisle ~ Instructional kcarlisle x6152
Mrs. Hence ~ Computer Cycle mhence x6304
Ms. Hollems ~ Speech and Language       mhollems x6266
Mr. Kies ~ Physical Education dkies x6421
Mrs. Kosek ~ Spanish skosek x6148
Ms. LaBuhn ~ Physical Education nlabuhn x6433
Ms. Mascarello ~ Resource amascarello    x6418
Mr. Rinke ~ Band  krinke x6170
Mrs. Styx ~ Life Skills astyx x6188 
Mr. C. Torbett ~ Orchestra ctorbett x6206 
Ms. G Torbett ~ Music gtorbett x6398
Mrs. Waldron ~ STEM mwaldron  x6385
Mr. Wallek ~ Physical Education mwallek x6168
Mrs. Werve ~ Instructional twerve x6420
Mrs. B. Young ~ Art  byoung x6177
Mr. M. Young ~ Resource myoung x6332
Mr. Zadorozny ~ Health  dzadorozny x6334
Health Service Staff


Ms. Everaert ~ Social Worker severaert    x6116
Mrs. Moss ~ School Nurse emoss 815-462-7807
Dr. Vanasse ~ School Psychologist     jvanasse x6500