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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Brashler
8th Grade Language Arts - Martino Jr. High

I am happy to be in my eleventh year as a teacher here in the New Lenox district! I have been here at Martino Junior High School for a total of nine years, and I feel so fortunate to be in such a wonderful place.

This year, I am teaching four 8th grade language arts classes. Please utilize this website for updates in my classes’ curriculum along with any attachments that can be used if you need additional resources.

I respond fastest to email (abrashler@nlsd122.org), but you can also call the school and leave me a voicemail at extension 6348. The best times to reach me by phone would be during the morning between 8:00 and 9:00 AM. Thanks for stopping by!

Block 2/9 Google Classroom

Block 3/10 Google Classroom

Block 6/13 Google Classroom

Block 7/14 Google Classroom

In the new curriculum MyPerspectives, our classes will be starting with unit 3. Read the Home Connection Letter to see more of what your students will be doing within this unit.

Monday, April 22nd

No School

Tuesday, April 23rd

Learn/Review Writing with Dialogue

Add Dialogue into Narrative #2 (Rite of Passage)

Homework: Be sure to have a printed copy of your Narrative #2 (Rite of Passage) tomorrow for editing!

Wednesday, April 24th

Edit/Revise Narrative #2 (Rite of Passage)

Finish making changes/final edits!

Homework: Final Essay for Narrative #2 due tomorrow via Google Classroom (Papers ready to be turned in: outline, rough copy on paper, edit WS)

Thursday, April 25th

Review Gerunds vs. Participles

Read "Electric Boogaloo" with Annotations and Comprehension

Homework: None for tonight!

Friday, April 26th

Review Gerunds vs. Participles

Read "Just Be Yourself" with Annotations and Comprehension

Homework: Part 1 of "My Journey" (8th Grade Portfolio Project) is due on Friday, May 3rd. Be sure that you get yourself a binder/scrapbook/something to assemble everything together!