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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Brashler
8th Grade Language Arts - Martino Jr. High

 Sentence Diagramming

(The lessons appear in the order that they were covered in class.)

Lesson 7: Direct Objects - Notes

Lesson 8: Questions - Notes 

Lesson 9: Adverbs - Notes

Lesson 10: Commands - Notes

Lesson 11: Prepositional Phrases that Modify Verbs - Notes

Lesson 3: Predicate Nominatives - Notes

Lesson 5: Predicate Adjectives - Notes

Lesson 13: Direct Addresses - Notes

Lesson 14: Prepositional Phrases that Modify Nouns - Notes

Lesson 15: Appositives - Notes



Review/Study Guide for Final Test through Lesson 11 (TEST: Thursday, October 4th)

Review Lessons 13-15 - Answer Key


Extra Resources

Reminder on Helping Verbs

Reminder on Common Prepositions

Check out the YouTube Videos for re-learning Lessons