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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Brashler
8th Grade Language Arts - Martino Jr. High

Speech and Drama Club

Need a place to “Act Out”?

Check all that apply

- Do you love acting?

- Have friends that also love to act?

- Do you like to be in front of an audience?

- Are you thinking of trying out for the school play?

- Free on Tuesdays or Wednesdays?

Join Speech and Drama Club!

Speech and Drama Club is a great place for actors to practice some skills and gives you experience in front of an audience to build your confidence! Bring a friend or two and come to our first meeting for more info.

When: Wednesday, August 31st until 3:30 PM

Where: Room 7

Who to see with Questions: Mrs. Brashler

No obligations @ the first meeting!

Come and see if Speech and Drama Club is for you!