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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mr. Laack
7th Grade Social Studies - Martino Jr. High

Welcome to 7th grade social studies!  Throughout this school year, we will be covering a variety of cultures from around the world, along with the US Civil War. Please use this page as way to stay current with topics being covered in class!

Click on "Mr. Laack's Site Hub" for current calendar.

As a reminder...

*Extra handouts can be found in my classroom

*Absent work can be found in your class's folder in my classroom

*Google Classroom and their assignment notebook will have the most current class information 


***The students have been given a bellringer page that should be completed each day upon entering the classroom.  The question and topic will be written on the board in class, and the students will be writing down the answers on the bellringer page.  Students are responsible to make up bellringers if absent.  This paper will be turned in (on time) at the end of the unit.

Current Bellringers...

Please see Google Classroom for any bellringer that you may have missed!

Core Vocabulary Terms

Core Vocabulary Terms.pdf

Flashcards for the Final Test


These terms will be referred to throughout the year.  Terms that are covered will be tested halfway through the school year, but all the terms will be tested at the end of the year.

Technology Helpful Sheet / Google Classroom

Google Classroom/School E-mail

Technology Helpful Sheet  ---click here for the link

Below is a video for teachers and students to preview how to use Google classroom.
Main Units of Study

Throughout the school year, students will be learning about the following cultures and events through the use of class notes/discussions, readings, videos, activities, and primary sources:

  • Geography and Culture
  • India
  • China
  • Middle East
  • Africa (main focus on Sudan through a novel)
  • Japan
  • US Civil War