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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Young
Art Cycle/Art Elective - Martino Jr. High


Exploring Art is a year long elective class offered to both 7th and 8th grade students. In this class, we will experiment with a variety of media allowing students to develop a foundation of art making skills.

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Project Rubric

Click the above link to access the Project Rubric.  Remember part of your grade is filling out the ENTIRE rubric (artist statement should be added online on Artsonia, does not have to be on rubric) 

Elective Art is also required to submit finished projects on to our school's Artsonia page.  

Visit www.artsonia.com (scan QR code in flap book or use class code, also listed in flap book - See Mrs. Young if you need that information). 




Exploring Art 8 Studio Habits

 Thinking like an artist!

Every two weeks, Exploring Artists are graded based on the 8 Studio Habits.  Reflecting and Revising is an important part of this process!



Lesson Descriptions

Media Exploration:

Students will learn various skills and techniques for using painting and drawing media.  They will create reference sheets to use throughout the school year for future projects.

1. Painting (watercolor and tempera)

2. Drawing (oil pastel, chalk pastel, charcoal, graphite pencil, colored pencil, marker)


Pixel Painting

You will use a personal photo of a landscape that either you, or someone in your family actually took.  This can be from a vacation, or simply your backyard! I will take this photo and pixellate it on picmonkey.com and we will use that as a reference for our painting. You may choose watercolor or tempera for this project.  

You will need to grid your board with the same number of boxes as your pixellated photo and recreate each color as accurately as possible.  Craftsmanship is very important. 


Still Life

You will choose 3-5 items from the classroom, or you can bring in any of your own, and setup a still life that you will photograph with the iPad. Be sure to think about your background.  We will divide the drawing into various abstract sections and you will choose at least 3 different media to use in these areas. 

Focus will be on adding value to achieve 3-dimensional representations of the objects.

Ceramic Vessel

For our clay project, you will create a vessel (a functional object that holds something).  This can be a cup, vase, bowl, box, etc. Be creative with your design. We will learn various techniques for building the vessel and then we will glaze at the end. 

Craftsmanship is very important, as well as proper use of tools and clean up.

2-D Monster Drawing

We will collaborate with Nelson Prairie's 2nd graders for this project.   They will send us sketches of monsters they designed. We will take these sketches and bring them to life!  You will use their ideas, but enhance them and create a 3-dimensional drawing that incorporates value, color and a background.

We will scan your drawings at the end and send them back to the 2nd graders so they can see how their ideas evolved.




Students will choose a piece of architecture to press into styrofoam and print onto various types of paper.  The process of printmaking requires specific steps and craftsmanship is key!


You will learn how to draw the different parts of a human face. We will use pencil to add shading and create a realistic rendering


You will work in groups of 3-4 and recreate a famous work of art. You will grid out your section and work together to make sure all parts line up correctly.  You will decide as a group which medium (media) would be best.  You can all choose the same, or have different ones.


This project will highlight the many techniques we've learned throughout the year.  Drawing, Paining, Collage and Printmaking.  The theme is bugs. You will be researching the meaning and symbolism of your bug as well and connecting that to your personality/life.