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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mr. Torbett
Spencer Crossing, Bentley and Martino Jr. High

5th Grade Orchestra

Hi everyone! As we continue our "Shelter-in-Place" in Illinois, you can still have things to practice and improve for 5th grade orchestra. I've added files below that have possible concert music for our spring concert, plus warm up sheets that combine some of the things we have worked on since December. Email me if you have any questions!

-Mr. Torbett

Sheet Music & Scale Sheets for May Concert

Practice Checklist (for everyone)


Additional Opportunities

  • Lincoln Way Youth Strings is an excellent supplement if your child really loves to play. I have quite a few students who play in both their school orchestra and LWYS. Their fall registration is starting now and you can find further Information is at www.lwyouthstrings.com 

  • Private lessons are a great way for students to improve their skills. Many students are surprised how quickly they improve with one-on-one lessons. Here's a link to local private teachers. Private_Teacher_List_2019.pdf