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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Lullo
7th Grade Language Arts - Martino Jr. High


Weekly Calendar

Color coding key:  Black = daily agenda in class    Blue = homework    Red = quiz/test 


May 20

May 21

May 22

May 23

May 24

Explain Malala comparison – Google slides (quiz grade)

HW: finish Malala comparison




Diagramming: compound-complex sentences

Start O. Henry

Read author info & define new vocab

Complete anticipation guide and vocab worksheet

HW: finish both worksheets

Diagramming: compound-complex sentences

Read “A Retrieved Reformation”

Diagramming: compound-complex sentences

Discuss story & annotate text, complete comprehension check and text questions

HW: study for quiz tomorrow on “A Retrieved Reformation”

Diagramming: compound-complex sentences

“A Retrieved Reformation” quiz

Explain & work on wanted poster

HW: finish wanted poster




May 27

May 28

May 29

May 30

May 31

No School

Memorial Day



No School

Institute Day



*Collect wanted poster

Diagramming wars

Textbook video of “A Retrieved Reformation”

HW: print out school appropriate song lyrics

Explain & start lyric poetry project

Work on lyric poetry project

HW: finish lyric poetry project – everyone presents Monday ~ Nothing accepted late!




June 3

June 4

June 5

June 6

June 7

Present lyric poetry projects


Read “After Twenty Years” by O. Henry


School-wide activities

School-wide activities

14 block schedule








General Class Information

Daily Supplies:

*Assignment notebook


*Independent reading book/novel

*3-ring binder with tab dividers, loose leaf paper, and notes

*Textbooks or novels depending on material being covered

*Bell ringer activity

*Blue or black pen only for assignments (NO other colors!)

*Red pen for grading

*Sticky notes


Tips for success:

*Complete assignments the night they are assigned, especially for Language Arts because I 

will see you EVERY day, unlike most other classes.


*It is the student’s responsibility to collect absent work when you return to school. This 

may be done during advisory, before school, or by checking class webpage. You have 1 day 

for each day absent to complete the work, this includes tests and quizzes. There is no 

extension on projects that were previously assigned. They are due the day you return from 

being absent.

*Check Power School and class webpage often. Every week it will be updated with class 

assignments. Grades will also be updated once a week. All teachers are required to update 

grades weekly, but not on a certain day. Typically, grades will be updated after several 

assignments have been graded. In addition, when possible I will attach notes and/or 

assignments to webpage for your convenience at home. I do realize that sometimes papers 

are forgotten at school so whenever possible you can print them from webpage; however, 

do not rely on this! Sometimes the assignments and/or notes are too large to attach and 

that is NOT an excuse for your assignment to be late! Additional copies of assignments can 

always be found in the classroom in the extra copy bin.

*Use your time wisely, during class and advisory. If you have any time available, use it to 

 complete assignments, read, etc. Social talking is not suggested during this time.


Helpful Links

"The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" link to story... (copy and paste link into browser)