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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Torbett
Music - Martino Jr. High

7th Grade Music Cycle
The music curriculum has been adjusted for remote learning, and we will engage in meaningful musical activities that are aligned to the Illinois Arts Learning Standards. Our classwork will meet the requirements for all four music standards: Creating, Performing, Responding and Connecting. 

Current students access class materials and assessments in Google Classroom.

Units of Study: 

  • Rhythm Notation 

  • GarageBand Composition

  • Musical Era Timeline

  • Students will also engage in music appreciation through listening and reflecting on a wide variety of music examples. 

Remote Learning Expectations:

  • Students are on mute, on camera, and unmute when called on.

  • Students may unmute to ask a question related to the moment or if there is an urgent need.

  • Students can also ask questions and answer send me a message in the chat. 

  • Be prepared for class with a charged iPad (or charger nearby to use if needed).

  • Headphones are recommended.

  • Plan bathroom and drink breaks for between classes as much as possible.

  • Be ready to follow directions, participate and turn in work.


  • Grades will be calculated and points will be earned based on students’ “thoughtful completion” of assignments.

  • All class materials and assessments are assigned and submitted via Google Classroom during remote learning.

  • Current grades are available once entered through PowerSchool. Assignments will be marked MISSING if not turned in by the due date.

  • Please communicate if late or missing assignments have been submitted. I can change scores as earned until the end of trimester.