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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Kashirsky
7th and 8th Grade Math - Martino Jr. High
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Math 7 - Digits Grade 7 Topics
Ratios and Rates                                                      Circles
Proportional Relationships                                        2 & 3 Dimensional Shapes
Percents                                                                    Surface Area & Volume
Operations with Rational Numbers                           Sampling
Decimals and Percents                                             Comparing 2 Populations
Equivalent Expressions                                             Probability
Equations & Inequalities                                            Compound Events

Math 8 - Digits Grade 8 Topics
Rational & Irrational Numbers                                  Congruence                              
Linear Equations in One Variable                             Similarity
Integer Exponents                                                    Reasoning in Geometry
Scientific Notation                                                    Using the Pythagorean Theorem
Systems of Two Linear Equations                           Surface Area & Volume
Defining & Comparing Functions                             Scatter Plots
Linear Functions                                                      Analyzing Categorical Data
Proportional Relationships, Lines, & linear Equations
Materials Needed for Class

Materials students will need each day

Spiral Notebook or 3-ring Binder
(all worksheets will be hole punched just in case)
Math Folder
Assignment Notebook
Dry Erase Marker
Student Companion Workbook
Important Documents


Digits Work Mat (all of the work for your homework should be shown on this paper)

Late Slip (any time you hand any work past the due date or redo an assignment, fill one of these out to let me know)

In order to retake a test you must complete both of the papers below.

Test Reflection Sheet (correct all of the questions that you got wrong on your original test and show your new work on this paper)

Test Retake Form (this is a checklist of things that you need to do before you retake your test)

Strategies For Success & Useful Links


~Come to class prepared. This includes:

  • Homework completion.
  • Having questions ready from the homework.
  • Materials (calculator, pencil, notebook, folder, assignment notebook)

~ Fill out assignment notebook daily. (Assignments are on the back board)

~ Participate in class and ask good questions.

~ Check grades on PowerSchool.

~ Check Mrs. Kash’s webpage.

~ Be responsible for any absent work.

Homework (20% of grade)

~ Utilize “Question Help” on Digits. This includes:

  • View an Example
  • Help Me Solve This

~ Do a “Similar Question” if it is a question that was difficult.

~ Show work so it can be referred back to later.

~ Circle problems on work page to go over in class.

~ Retry homework assignments that are less than 80%.

Skills Checks (30% of grade)

~ Review homework and lessons that will be on the skills check the night before. (Usually every 2 lessons)

~ Make sure homework assignments that are on the skills check are completed BEFORE the day of the skills check.

~ Take advantage of resources during skills checks (student companion, homework, notes)

Tests (50% of grade)

~ Make sure all homework assignments from the topic are completed.

~ Retry homework assignments that were difficult.

~ Complete practice tests assigned, and the optional practice test if additional practice is needed.

~ Review the questions missed on the practice test and utilize “Question Help” in order to correct the mistakes for the test.

~ See Mrs. Kash PRIOR to the day of the test if you need additional help with a lesson. Do not wait till the last minute.

~ If you cannot come in early for additional help, go to Math Lab during advisory to address any questions. 


Here are some good interactive math websites.  They will give you some good practice with basic math facts.

www.sheppardsoftware.com (go to Math Games – Quick Calculations)

www.playkidsgames.com (go to Math Games – Math Fact Practice)

www.mathplayground.com ( go to Computation or Just The Facts)

www.ixl.com/math/grade-7 (IXL Math)

Pearson Digits Information

How to Access “Digits Pearson Realize” Online:

 1.Log in to powerschool with your username and password.


2.Click on “Pearson Courses” on the left hand side of your screen.

3.Choose the “digits – grade 7 realize edition” link.

4.To access extra examples and the examples we do in class, click on “Programs”

5.To access homework assignments, click on “Classes”

To see what the Digits Homepage looks like click link below

                Digits Homepage