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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Coleman
7th Grade Reading Seminar - Martino Jr. High




April 22-26

Monday: No School!

Tuesday/Wednesday:  Turn in V13 review sheet.  In class, take V13 Quiz.  After the quiz, students will read the rest of Gage Chapter 1 with a partner and begin working on the Gage "tracking" sheet.  HW: Prepare for Chapter 1 Gage quiz next class period.

Blocks 6 & 13: After the vocabulary quiz, you will meet with your group to discuss Gage Chapter 1 & complete your first meeting log.  Job 1 worksheet is due at this time.  HW: Prepare for Gage quiz next class.

Thursday/Friday: Chapter 1 Gage Quiz. After quiz, read pages 23-26 in Chapt 2.  Complete the Chapt 2 inference worksheet.  HW: V14 A-C due next class.

Blocks 6 & 13: After the Gage quiz, begin working on your Gage Chapter 2 job which is due next class period.  HW: V14 A-C and Gage Chapter 2, job 2 due next class.

April 15-19

Monday/Tuesday: Introduction to our class book, Phineas Gage.  HW: Finish brain investigation worksheet and V13 Part E.

Wednesday/Thursday: Turn in brain worksheet and V13 E.  In class, read pages 1-13 in Phineas Gage.  HW: V13 review sheet.  V13 quiz is next class period.

Wednesday/Thursday Accelerated (GATE) classes: Form book discussion groups and begin chapter 1 assignment- due next class period.  HW: Prepare for V13 quiz (fill-in-the-blank) and complete 1st Phineas Gage job worksheet.

No School Friday!

Vocabulary Practice

~Worldly Wise Book 7 Materials~

Book 7 Practice Quizzes


~Wordly Wise Book 8 Materials~

Book 8 Practice Quizzes

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Test Retake Forms

Jamestown Tests may be retaken within one week of receiving the grade.  Please review the form, complete all steps, and have a parent/guardian sign the form.  Please note: a different test will be given.  Test Retake for Jamestown.

Cumulative Vocabulary Tests may also  be retaken. Please review the form, complete all steps, and have a parent/guardian sign the form.  Retake must be completed by the end of the trimester. Vocabulary Test Retake Form

Students interested in retaking the Phineas Gage test, should complete the attached form and complete ALL steps before retaking the test.  Phineas Gage Redo Request Form