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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mr. Bahret
Math - Martino Jr. High and Liberty Jr. High


to these two AMAZING groups of 8th graders.


Abraham Acosta, Angelina Bass, Emma Bonnema, Ryan Brow, Anna Cagwin, Kayla Dawson, Finlay Deiters, Morgan Esgar, Alexander Flores, James Golden, Olivia Jurgens, Katie Lopez-Lopez, Charlie Lynn, Caden Miller, Luke Montes, Chloe Mroz, Aidan Pawlak, Lucas Proudfoot, Tyler Richter, Avery Stevenson, Grace Stokes, Sarah Tamayo, Colin Vetor, Hailey Whittington


Reilly Bettenhausen, Jessica Crocker, Brian Cummins, Marissa Diaz, Madelyn Freiberg, Elizabeth Fritz, Kendyl Galmines, Dylan Heabel, Kaitlyn Hutchinson, Emily Kedzior, Joey Lullo, Brooke Martin, Nolan Pickert, Melanie Price, Eddie Rafacz, Olivia Rafalski, Garrett Skala, Rachyl Solic, Shanna Strilko, Jacob Szelag, Brody Wajchert

Thank you for a tremendous, memory-filled first year graduates. I hope our year together for you was at least a fraction of how special you all made it for me.
It was an absolute joy to teach you all this year.

I'm eagerly excited to see what you all do in the future! Good luck!!!

-- A proud and sappy Mr. Bahret


*** Congratulations 8th Graders! ***

THANK YOU for a fantastic year of math.