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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mr. Wettergren
7th Grade Government and
8th Grade U.S. History - Martino Jr. High
Expectations and Grading


I will be using the school's step system in the classroom.

Step 1: Warning
Step 2: Written Consequence
Step 3: Contact Home
Step 4: Office Referral

It is important that students and parents understand that I believe an educational environment should be fun, safe, and respectful.  Therefore, if I feel that a student is being disrespectful to a peer or to the teacher (I consider this to fall under the school's severe clause) he/she will be given an immediate office referral.  I also process office referrals for cheating or plagiarizing another student's work.  This is dishonesty, and I will not tolerate it in my classroom.

U.S. Government is a 7th grade cycle class that your student will have for one trimester.  Students will explore the beginnings of our nation and the development of our government based upon democratic principles.  Students will take the U.S. Constitution and the Illinois Constitution in this class.  They need to pass both exams in order to graduate from junior high.  There is very little homework in the U.S. Government cycle - most assignments and activities will be completed during class.  Students may retake the U.S. Constitution and the Illinois Constitution once - unless he/she does not pass the test.


40% - Assignments/Activities

60% - Tests

Weekly Schedule

*Subject to change

March 9 - March 16

Mon., March 9 (6th & 7th Blocks)
  • Constitution & Legislative Branch
  • HW: Congress in a Flash
Tues., March 10 (8th & 9th Blocks)
  • Constitution & Legislative Branch
  • HW: Congress in a Flash
Weds., March 11 (6th & 7th Blocks)
  • Executive Branch
  • Classwork: All in a Day's Work
Thurs., March 12 (8th & 9th Blocks)
  • Executive Branch
  • Classwork: All in a Day's Work
Fri., March 13 (6th & 7th Blocks) & Mon., March 16 (8th & 9th Blocks)
  • Judicial Branch
  • Classwork: Judicial Branch in a Flash
  • HW: Finish → All in a Day's Work
Classroom Notes

Click on the links to view/download the material

Ms. Zad's Notes, Classwork, HW

1_-_Background__Finding_America.pdf ← Slides

1_-_Skeleton_Notes_Background__Finding_America.pdf ← Skeleton Notes

1_-_Amerigo_Vespucci.pdf ← Homework

2_-_American_Colonies_Colonial_Trade__Government_Taking_Up_Arms.pdf ← Slides

2_-_Skeleton_Notes_The_Colonies.pdf ← Skeleton Notes

2_-_The_Quakers_the_Dutch_and_the_Ladies__Crash_Course_US_History_4_Video.pdf ← Video Notes

2_-_Skeleton_Notes_Colonial_Trade__Government.pdf ← Skeleton Notes

2_-_Tirangular_Trade__The_Middle_Passage.pdf ← Classwork

2_-_Skeleton_Notes_Taking_Up_Arms.pdf ← Skeleton Notes

2_-_Taking_Up_Arms_-_Video__The_American_Revolution_-_OverSimplified_Part_1.pdf ← Video Notes

3_-_American_Victory.pdf ← Slides

3_-_Skeleton_Notes_American_Victory.pdf ← Skeleton Notes

3_-_The_American_Revolution_-_OverSimplified_Part_2_Video.pdf ← Video Notes

3_-_Federalists___Anti-Federalists_0-1.pdf ← Classwork

4_-_Constitution__Legislative_Branch.pdf ← Slides

4_-_Skeleton_Notes_Constitution__Legislative_Branch.pdf ← Skeleton Notes

4_-_Congress_in_a_Flash.pdf ← Homework

5_-_Executive_Branch.pdf ← Slides

5_-_Skeleton_Notes_Executive_Branch.pdf ← Skeleton Notes

5_-_Presidential_Power_Crash_Course_Government_and_Politics_11 Video Notes.pdf ← Video Notes

5_-_All_in_a_Days_Work.pdf ← Classwork

6_-_Judicial_Branch.pdf ← Slides

6_-_Skeleton__Video_Notes_Judicial_Branch.pdf ← Skeleton Notes & Video Notes

6_-_Judicial_Branch_In_A_Flash.pdf ← Classwork


Bell Ringers

Bell Ringer #1 (02/26 & 02/27)
What is an area settled and ruled by the government of a distant land?
- a colony

Bell Ringer #2 (02/28 & 03/02)
Who were the Quakers?
- Protestant reformers who believed in the equality of all people

Bell Ringer #3 (03/03 & 03/04)
What does it mean to refuse to buy certain goods & services?

- Boycott

Bell Ringer #4 (03/05 & 03/06)
What were the three main parts of the Declaration of Independence? 
- Natural rights, Grievances against Britain, Independence

Bell Ringer #5 (03/09 & 03/10)
What is a Constitution?
- Document that sets out the basic laws, principles, organization, and processes of a government

Bell Ringer #6 (03/11 & 03/12)
The Legislative Branch has the ability to ___________ federal officials.
- Impeach

Bell Ringer #7 (03/13 & 03/16)
How many terms can a president serve?
- 2 terms


Video Notes

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Study Guides

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Study Guides









Practice Materials

U.S. State Practice

Click on the links:

Find the U.S. State Quiz

Map Quiz

Map Puzzle 

U.S. Constitution Practice Tests

Click on the links:


https://www.constitutionfacts.com/us-constitution-kids/us-history-quiz/  - once you go to the site, click on Quiz #1 under 50 Question Expert Quizzes and take it.

Some of the questions on both sites are not covered at this level, but many of the questions from both are on the study guide and will be on our U.S. Constitution Test.  


This quizlet was put together by me and covers the entire test.

Illinois Constitution Test


American Revolution Webquest


Click on the link and follow the directions on your paper: