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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mr. Wettergren
7th Grade Government and
8th Grade U.S. History- Martino Jr. High
Expectations and Grading


I will be using the school's step system in the classroom.

Step 1: Warning
Step 2: Written Consequence
Step 3: Contact Home
Step 4: Office Referral

It is important that students and parents understand that I believe an educational environment should be fun, safe, and respectful.  Therefore, if I feel that a student is being disrespectful to a peer or to the teacher (I consider this to fall under the school's severe clause) he/she will be given an immediate office referral.  I also process office referrals for cheating or plagiarizing another student's work.  This is dishonesty, and I will not tolerate it in my classroom.

Homework/Classwork/Projects - 20%
Homework is generally a page or two reading or a primary source with 10 - 20 questions.  Students must use reading comprehension skills, evaluation skills, research skills, problem solving skills, and inferencing to successfully complete their homework.  Students may not redo homework for a better grade. They are given plenty of time to complete the assignment and can ask for help at any time, so the initial grade is (usually) the most accurate assessment of the students effort and understanding of the material. 

Projects are due on the due date. Students are usually given one - two weeks to finish a project, and most of them don't require more than an hour or two of work.  I give them these projects to promote historical concepts, to encourage creativity, and to practice time management skills.  Therefore, if the project is not turned in on the due date I will accept it the next day with a 10% deduction or the next class (2 days later) with a 20%.  No projects will be accepted after that and will result in a grade of a 50% (F).
Quizzes - 30%
Quizzes are 15-25 questions that assess the students' understanding of a specific portion of the material that we have covered in a particular unite.  The questions com directly from concepts covered in their classroom notes, classroom assignments, classroom videos, and homework.  There are no retake opportunities on quizzes.

Tests - 50% 
Tests are 30-50 questions that assess the students understanding of an entire unit.  The questions come directly from classroom lessons, classroom assignments, classroom videos, and homework.  Students may retake tests as long as they have meet all of the requirements on the Social Studies Test Retake Checklist. 

No extra credit is offered in the class per the school grading policy.

My Late Assignment Policy 

First Trimester
Students should strive to turn in all of their work on the posted due date. Assignments are due at the beginning of the class to be considered on time.  However, homework assignments will be accepted for full credit as long as the assignment is turned in by the next class meeting (2 school days - unless their is a weekend).  If an assignment is not turned in by the next class meeting then the student will automatically receive a grade of 50% (F) on the assignment.  
Projects are DUE on the due date.  Students are usually given a week or two to finish the projects and most of them do not exceed more than an hour or two of work.  I give them these projects to promote historical concepts, to encourage creativity, and to practice time management skills. Therefore, if the project is not turned in on the due date I will accept it the next day with a 10% deduction or the next class (2 days later) with a 20% deduction.  Projects will not be accepted after that point and will result in a grade of a 50% (F). 

All missing homework turned in late in order to retake a test will not be given full credit and will remain a 50%.  Completing the work allows the student the opportunity to improve his/her grade by retaking the test.
Second Trimester 
I continue to follow the guidelines from the first trimester, however, during the second trimester students will only be allowed to turn two late assignments in for full credit.  Once a student uses up his/her two late passes I will no longer accept any late assignments for full credit.  That means all future assignments are due on the posted date.  If the assignment is not turned in on that date it will result in an automatic 50% (F).
Third trimester is designed to help ease the transition to high school by practicing procedures used by the majority of high schools and high school teachers in the area.

Third Trimester  
NO late work will be accepted.  If the work is not turned in on the posted due date then the student will receive a 50% (F).  Students may only retake one test third trimester (most high school teachers do not allow retakes on assessments and the select few that do usually only allow one per semester after the student does a packet of work to earn a chance).





Weekly Schedule

 May 21 - May 25


Mon., May 21st - Blue Day (2nd Block)(3/4 Block)
                 - Vietnam TEST
                 - Due - Watergate Video Questions
                 - H.W. - None
Tues., May. 22nd - Gold Day (10/11 Block)(13th Block)
                 - Vietnam TEST
                 - Due - None
                 - H.W. - 1980's Video Google Questions - due 5/24 @ 8:25

Weds., May 23rd - Blue Day (2nd Block)(3/4 Block)
                 1980's Video
                 - Due - 1980's Video Questions
                 - H.W. - None
Thursday 5/24 - Great America

Friday 5/25 - Graduation Practice and Viking Games


Bell Ringers

8/23 (Blue) 8/24 (Gold) - What is it called when a person experiences a strong feeling that something (most likely unpleasant) is going to happen?  Premonition 

8/25 (Blue) 8/28 (Gold) - What is a conspiracy?  When two or more people (group) plan to break the law.

8/29 (Blue) 8/30 (Gold) - What did Southerners call Northerners who went South after the Civil War?  Carpetbaggers

8/31 (Blue) 9/1 (Gold) - Give two examples of how the Freedmen's Bureau helped the freedmen during Reconstruction.  Helped with schools and education, helped get land, helped find jobs, helped get supplies and medicine (all acceptable answers)

9/5 (Blue) 9/6 (Gold) - What was the main goal of the Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction? To prevent the freedmen and their allies from voting for Republicans.

9/7 (Blue) 9/8 (Gold) - What senator from Pennsylvania led the radical Republicans during Reconstruction?  Thaddeus Stevens

9/11 (Blue) 9/12 (Gold) - What amendment made it illegal to deny a citizen the right to vote based upon their race?  15th Amendment

9/13 (Blue) & 9/14 (Gold) - What ethnic group made up the vast majority of workers on the Central Pacific spur of the Transcontinental Railroad?  Chinese Immigrants

9/15 (Blue) & 9/18 (Gold) - What were the Great Plains farmers called?  Homesteaders

9/19 (Blue) & 9/20 (Gold) - What was a maverick?  An unmarked longhorn (no owner)

9/21 (Blue) & 9/22 (Gold) - What famous lawman was shot in the back holding the "Dead Man's Hand?"  "Wild Bill" Hickok 

9/25 (Blue) & 9/26 (Gold) - What simple invention ended the cattle drives across the open range?  Barbed Wire

9/27 (Blue) & 9/28 (Gold) - What two Native American warriors led the Sioux and Cheyenne at the Battle of the Little Big Horn?  Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse

9/29 (Blue) & 10/2 (Gold) - What incident brought an end to the Great Plains Native American resistance?  Massacre at Wounded Knee

10/3 (Blue) & 10/4 (Gold) - What entrepreneur made his fortune in the oil industry? John D. Rockefeller 

10/5 (Blue) & 10/6 (Gold) - What process did Andrew Carnegie use to mass produce steel?  Bessemer Process

10/10 (Blue) & 10/11 (Gold) - What is petroleum?  Crude oil

10/12 (Blue) & 10/13 (Gold) - What did Henry Ford add to the assembly line that helped modernize production process?  Conveyer Belt

10/16 (Blue) & 10/17 (Gold) - What nation gave the United States the Statue of Liberty for the nation's 100 birthday and to celebrate our friendship?  France

10/18 (Blue) & 10/19 (Gold) - Who wrote The Jungle in an attempt to show the public the horrible conditions that immigrant workers faced in the meat packing factories?  Upton Sinclair

10/20 (Blue) & 10/23 (Gold) - Name two things that are negotiated during a collective bargaining agreement?  Pay, Hours, Benefits

10/24 (Blue) & 10/25 (Gold) - At the turn of the century when compulsory education laws began to be passed (generally) what was the age in which children were required to attend school?  14

10/26 (Blue) & 10/27 (Gold) - What nation sold Alaska to the United States?  Russia

10/30 (Blue) & 10/31 (Gold) - Who was the Hero of Manila Bay?  Admiral George Dewey

11/1 (Blue) & 11/2 (Gold) - Name 2 groups of individuals who were in the Rough Riders?  Cowboys, Ranchers, College Students, Native Americans

11/3 (Blue) & 11/6 (Gold) - Besides the Philippines, what other islands did the U.S. acquire from Spain after winning the Spanish-American War?  Puerto Rico and Guam

11/7 (Blue) & 11/8 (Gold) - What was the fleet called that sailed around the world on a "goodwill mission" to show the emerging power of the United States?  The Great White Fleet

11/10 (Gold) & 11/13 (Blue) - What was the most common name used for World War I when it was being fought?  The Great War

11/14 (Gold) & 11/15 (Blue) - What were the 4 underlying causes of World War I?  Imperialism, Militarism, Nationalism, and Alliances

11/16 (Gold) & 11/27 (Blue) - What was the slavic nationalist group called that assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo?  The Black Hand

11/28 (Gold) & 11/29 (Blue) - What was the area in between the trenches called?  No Man's Land

11/30 (Gold) & 12/1 (Blue) - What did Germany offer to Mexico to attack the United States in the Zimmerman Telegram?  Financial support (money) and the states of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico

12/4 (Gold) & 12/5 (Blue) - Where was the Western Front located?  Northern France

12/6 (Gold) & 12/7 (Blue) - What were the 3 ways propaganda was spread during WWI?  Posters, film, and music

12/8 (Gold) & 12/11 (Blue) - What soldier became a hero during the Meuse Argonne Offensive after initially being a conscientious objector at the start of the war?  Sgt. Alvin York

12/12 (Gold) & 12/13 (Blue) - What are war reparations?  Payments for war damages

12/14 (Gold) & 12/15 (Blue) - What amendment to the Constitution made it illegal to deny a citizen the right to vote based on gender?  19th Amendment

12/18 (Gold) & 12/19 (Blue) - What was the name for the young women who rebelled against society's view traditional females in the 1920's?  Flappers

12/20 (Gold) & 12/21 (Blue) - What was an illegal secret bar called in the 1920's?  Speakeasy

1/8 (Gold) & 1/9 (Blue) - What baseball player achieved fame in the 1920's for his power and personality?  Babe Ruth

1/10 (Gold) & 1/11 (Blue) What nickname was given to films with synchronized sound that allowed the audience to hear the actor's speak?  A Talkie

1/12 (Gold) & 1/16 (Blue) - What nickname is given to the day that the stock market collapsed? Black Tuesday

1/17 (Gold) & 1/18 (Blue) - What is a run?  It was when a large number of people went all at once to the bank to withdraw their savings.

1/19 (Gold) & 1/22 (Blue) - What illness did many dust bowlers contracted because of the black blizzards?  Dust Pneumonia  

1/23 (Gold) & 1/24 (Blue) - What was FDR's social and economic programs designed to pull us out of the Great Depression called?  The New Deal

1/25 (Gold) & 1/26 (Blue) - What were the 3 R's of the New Deal?  Relief, Recovery, Reform

1/29 (Gold) & 1/30 (Blue) - Who became dictator of fascist Italy?  Benito Mussolini 

1/31 (Gold) & 2/1 (Blue) - What term describes discrimination against Jews?  Anti-Semitism 

2/2 (Gold) & 2/6 (Blue) - What were the Soviet Union's forced labor camps in Siberia called?  Gulags 

2/7 (Gold) & 2/8 (Blue) - What is appeasement (when it comes to world politics)?  Giving in to a nation or leader's demands to avoid conflict (war).

2/9 - Snow Day

2/12 (Blue) & 2/13 (Gold) - What two things were the Japanese trying to accomplish by attacking Pearl Harbor?  They wanted to destroy the U.S. Pacific Fleet so it could not stop them from conquering the Pacific and they wanted to demoralize the American public so we would not want to fight back.

2/14 (Blue) & 2/15 (Gold) - What was not docked at Pearl Harbor the day that the Japanese carried out their attack?  The U.S. aircraft carriers

2/16 (Blue) & 2/20 (Gold) - What important job did Native Americans have during the war?  Most of them were Code Talkers.

2/21 (Blue) & 2/22 (Gold) - What battle in the Pacific was the turning point in the fight against the Japanese?  The Battle of Midway

2/23 (Blue) & 2/26 (Gold) - What did Hitler call his attempt to eliminate the Jews from Europe?      The Final Solution

2/27 (Blue) & 2/28 (Gold) - What was the code name for the development of the atomic bomb?  Manhattan Project

3/1 (Blue) & 3/2 (Gold) - Who were the Nisei?  Japanese Americans born in the United States

3/5 (Blue) & 3/6 (Gold) - What battle only saw 1% of the Japanese soldiers captured or surrender to U.S. forces?  The Battle of Iwo Jima

3/7 (Blue) & 3/8 (Gold) - What did Elie smell when he entered Birkenau?  Burning Flesh

3/9 (Blue) & 3/12 (Gold) - Who does Elie become angry with when he believes that he and his father are going to be burned to death?  His God

3/13 (Blue) & 3/14 (Gold) - What was used to remove Elie's gold crown from his mouth?  A rusty spoon

3/15 (Blue) & 3/16 (Gold) - What did Elie say that the soup tasted like the night after the pipal boy is executed?  Corpses

3/19 (Blue) & 3/21 (Gold) - While standing in line to go to their final destination where did the prisoners get the snow to quench their thirst?  Off of the prisoners back in front of him

3/22 (Blue) & 3/23 (Gold) - What happened to the prisoners that were left behind in the infirmary when the SS evacuated Auschwitz?  They were liberated by the Red Army.

4/3 (Blue) & 4/4 (Gold) - What does Elie say that he sees staring back at him when he looks into the mirror after  being liberated from Buchenwald?  A corpse

4/5 (Blue) & 4/6 (Gold) - What Army ended up liberating Elie and the other prisoners from Buchenwald?  The U.S. Army

4/9 (Blue) & 4/10 (Gold) - What five nations were made permanent members of the United Nations Security Council?  United States, Soviet Union (Russia), China, Great Britain, France

4/11 (Blue) & 4/12 (Gold) - The Truman Doctrine (to stop the spread of Communism) is based on the policy of containment.

4/13 (Blue) & 4/16 (Gold) - What program invested 13 billion dollars into Europe to help rebuild nations and stop the spread of Communism?  Marshall Plan

4/17 (Blue) & 4/18 (Gold) - What general was put in command of the U.N. forces in Korea?   Douglas MacArthur

4/19 (Blue) & 4/20 (Gold) - What musician in the 1950's was known as "The King" of Rock and Roll?  Elvis Presley

4/23 (Blue) & 4/24 (Gold) - Who was the first American in space?  Alan B. Shepard 

4/25 (Blue) & 4/26 (Gold) - What did Kennedy agree to do after Khruschev agreed to remove the Soviet Union's nuclear missiles from Cuba?  He agreed not to invade Cuba and remove missiles from Turkey.

4/27 (Blue) and 4/30 (Gold) - Who does the U.S. government identify as the lone assassin of John F. Kennedy?  Lee Harvey Oswald

5/1 (Blue) and 5/2 (Gold) - Name one person or group that is often connected to conspiracy theories involving JFK's assassination?  The Mob, The Soviets, Fidel Castro, The CIA, Lyndon B Johnson

5/3 (Blue) and 5/4 (Gold) - Who came to national attention as a Civil Rights leader by leading the Montgomery Bus Boycott?  Dr. Martin Luther King

5/7 (Blue) and 5/8 (Gold) - What man broke the color barrier and became the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball?  Jackie Robinson

5/9 (Blue) and 5/10 (Gold) - What is a sit-in?  When Civil Rights activists would sit in a prohibited area and refuse to leave without being given service.

5/11 (Blue) and 5/14 (Gold) - What man established the UFW union to help Latino migrant workers  acquire better pay and working conditions?   Cesar Chavez

5/15 (Blue) and 5/16 (Gold) - What were the South Vietnamese rebels called who wanted to overthrow the South's government and unite the nation with Communist North Vietnam under Hoi Chi Minh's rule?  Vietcong

5/17 (Blue) and 5/18 (Gold) - What was used as cavalry instead of tanks in Vietnam because of the difficult terrain?  Helicoptors