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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mr. Wettergren
7th Grade Government and
8th Grade U.S. History - Martino Jr. High
Expectations and Grading

CHAMPS Classroom Expectations

Class expectations are clearly posted and will be enforced in the classroom.  We are using the CHAMPS program in District #122 to set clear and enforced expectations in our classrooms.  Students need to follow these expectations.  If they do not then the school's step system will be used.


I will be using the school's step system in the classroom to enforce the classroom expectations.

Step 1: Warning
Step 2: Written Consequence
Step 3: Contact Home
Step 4: Office Referral

It is important that students and parents understand that I believe an educational environment should be fun, safe, and respectful.  Therefore, if I feel that a student is being disrespectful to a peer or to the teacher (I consider this to fall under the school's severe clause) he/she will be given an immediate office referral.  Students caught cheating or plagiarizing on homework/classwork will automatically earn a 50% (F).  Any students caught cheating during an assessment will be given an immediate office referral and a 50% (F). These actions represent dishonesty and are not acceptable.

Classroom Materials

Students should bring the following materials to every class:
- Spiral Notebook - for note taking
- Pen/Pencil
- iPad

Occasionally students will be asked to bring coloring supplies or ear buds - students will be told ahead of time when they need to bring these materials. 



Homework is on my website or on Google classroom.  I DO NOT pass out papers anymore.  Students have access to an iPad and are responsible for accessing their own homework.  Students may use their iPad to print a paper copy of the reading and questions, they may read the PDF at my website and answer the questions on a piece of notebook paper, or they may read the PDF in Google Classroom and type in the answers for submission.  

Homework/Classwork/Projects - 20%
Homework is generally a page or two reading or a primary source with 10 - 20 questions.  Students must use reading comprehension skills, evaluation skills, research skills, problem solving skills, and inferencing to successfully complete their homework.  Students may not redo homework for a better grade. They are given plenty of time to complete the assignment and can ask for help at any time, so the initial grade is (usually) the most accurate assessment of the students effort and understanding of the material. 

Projects are due on the due date. Students are usually given one - two weeks to finish a project, and most of them don't require more than an hour or two of work.  I give them these projects to promote historical concepts, to encourage creativity, and to practice time management skills.  Therefore, if the project is not turned in on the due date I will accept it the next day with a 10% deduction or the next class (2 days later) with a 20%.  No projects will be accepted after that and will result in a grade of a 50% (F).
Quizzes - 30%
Quizzes are 15-25 questions that assess the students' understanding of a specific portion of the material that we have covered in a particular unite.  The questions com directly from concepts covered in their classroom notes, classroom assignments, classroom videos, and homework.  There are no retake opportunities on quizzes.

Tests - 50% 
Tests are 30-50 questions that assess the students understanding of an entire unit.  The questions come directly from classroom lessons, classroom assignments, classroom videos, and homework.  Students may retake tests as long as they have meet all of the requirements on the Social Studies Test Retake Checklist. 

TEST RETAKE FORM  - this form is also located in the study guide section of my website.

No extra credit is offered in the class per the school grading policy.

My Late Assignment Policy 

First Trimester
Students should strive to turn in all of their work on the posted due date. Assignments are due at the beginning of the class to be considered on time.  However, homework assignments will be accepted for full credit as long as the assignment is turned in by the next class meeting (2 school days - unless there is a weekend).  If an assignment is not turned in by the next class meeting then the student will automatically receive a grade of 50% (F) on the assignment.  
Projects are DUE on the due date.  Students are usually given a week or two to finish the projects and most of them do not exceed more than an hour or two of work.  I give them these projects to promote historical concepts, to encourage creativity, and to practice time management skills. Therefore, if the project is not turned in on the due date I will accept it the next day with a 10% deduction or the next class (2 days later) with a 20% deduction.  Projects will not be accepted after that point and will result in a grade of a 50% (F). 

All missing homework turned in late in order to retake a test will not be given full credit and will remain a 50%.  Completing the work allows the student the opportunity to improve his/her grade by retaking the test.
Second Trimester 
I continue to follow the guidelines from the first trimester, however, during the second trimester students will only be allowed to turn two late assignments in for full credit.  Once a student uses up his/her two late passes I will no longer accept any late assignments for full credit.  That means all future assignments are due on the posted date.  If the assignment is not turned in on that date it will result in an automatic 50% (F).
Third trimester is designed to help ease the transition to high school by practicing procedures used by the majority of high schools and high school teachers in the area.

Third Trimester  
NO late work will be accepted.  If the work is not turned in on the posted due date then the student will receive a 50% (F).  Students may only retake one test third trimester (most high school teachers do not allow retakes on assessments and the select few that do usually only allow one per semester after the student does a packet of work to earn a chance).





Weekly Schedule

Aug - Aug                                    

Mon., May 13 - Gold Day (10/11 Block)(13th Block)
Tues., May 14 - Blue Day (2nd Block)(3/4 Block) 

Weds., May 15 - Gold Day (10/11 Block)(13th Block)

Thurs., May 16 - Blue Day (2nd Block)(3/4 Block) 
Fri., May 17 - Gold Day (10/11 Block)(13th Block)

Classroom Notes

 Click on the links to download/view the material - 






Click on the links to view/download the material - 


Lincoln Assassination Reading

Lincoln's Corpse Reading and Questions

Reconstruction Reading

KKK Video and Questions (Google Classroom)

KKK Primary Sources and Questions (Google Classroom)


West Transformed   

Transcontinental Railroad Reading and Questions

Long Drive DBQ

Simple History: Gunslingers Video and Questions (Google Classroom)

Native Americans and Custer Reading

Dreamcatcher Coloring Page (Reading on Google Classroom)

The Gilded Age

Captains of Industry Reading and Questions

Ford Reading

Immigrant Interactive (Google Classroom)

The Jungle Primary Source Reading and Questions (Google Classroom)

Gilded Age Breaking News Story (Google Classroom)


U.S. Expansionism

Alaska Reading and Questions

Hawaii Video and Questions (Google Classroom)

Hawaii Primary Source Reading and Questions

Spanish American War Reading

Theodore Roosevelt Video and Questions (Google Classroom)

Theodore Roosevelt Reading


World War I   

Upfront Article

The Great War Begins Reading and Questions

WW I Primary Source Reading and Questions (Google Classroom)

Simple History - Weapons Videos and Questions (Google Classroom)

Propaganda Poster Project

U.S. Enters the War Reading


Roaring Twenties & Great Depression 


World War II





Post World War II



 Vietnam Conflict 







Study Guides

Click on the links to view/download the material -             

Unit Study Guides




Video Notes

 Click on the links to download/view the material - 

 Theodore Roosevelt Video Questions

World War II Video Notes


Click on the links to watch youtube videos.


Aftershocks (History Channel) - 17 min  Watch Part 1 (10 min) Part 2 (up to 7 min)

Origins of the Klan (History Channel) - 10 min

Plessy vs. Ferguson (History Channel) - 2 min


The West Transformed

The Gunslingers (Simple History) - 5 min


History of Hawaii - 7 min

Theodore Roosevelt - "The Presidents" (History Channel) - 15 min

World War I  

Simple History - Trench Warfare (3 min)

Simple History - Trench Life (2 min)

Simple History - Infantry Weapons (3 min)

Simple History - Zeppelins (2 min) 

Simple History - Chlorine Gas (2 min)

World War I - Fury (52 min)

World War I - Fear (52 min)

World War I - Rage (50 min)

Simple History - Russian Revolution (3 min)  

Simple History - Treaty of Versailles 1/2

Simple History - Treaty of Versailles 2/2

Roaring Twenties

Simple History - Prohibition (3 min) 

World War II

Simple History - Gulags (3 min)

History Oversimplified - Hitler (8 min) 

Simple History - World War II Weapons (4 min)

Simple History - German Military (4 min)

Simple History - Dunkirk (3 min)

Simple History - RAF (4 min)

Life in the Internment Camps (4 min)

Primary Source - Government Reel on Internment (9 min)

Ben Kuroki  Youtube Video (4 min)

Tuskegee Airmen Youtube Video (2 min)

Code Talkers Youtube Video (2 min)

Iwo Jima Youtube (4 min)

Simple History Japanese Infantry (2 min)

Post World War II

The Berlin Airlift (3 min)

Simple History Korean War (5 min)

1950's American Society - "Happy Days" (43 min)

Simple History Space Race (4 min)     

1960's American Society - "Poisoned Dreams" (43 min)

Civil Rights Video


Simple History: Vietcong

Simple History: Gulf of Tonkin

Simple History: U.S. Marines

Simple History: Air Mobility

Simple History: Tunnel Rats

Simple History: Vietnam War Draft

Simple History: Tet Offensive

Simple History: Fragging




Pop Culture