Picture Missing
Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
Picture Missing
Mrs. Kamp
7th Language Arts
Martino Jr. High

An important part of junior high is developing effective organizational strategies and habits. The following are supplies you are expected to have everyday. 

1. Assignment Notebook (checked every class)


2. Binder


3. Notebook or paper for binder


4. Highlighters


5. Pen or Pencil
6. myPerspectives Book for LA* 
Vocab Book for Reading Sem*
7. Post-it notes (not needed everyday)


*these will be stored in the classroom

You are expected to check PowerSchool every week.

If you have a missing assignment or you need to make up a test or quiz for any reason, it is your responsibility to see Mrs. Kamp, Ms. Mascarello, or Mr. Young to set up a time to make it up.

 Absent Policy:

  • If you are absent you are expected to check Google Classroom for the homework.
  • Absent work can be found in your class folder on the “Student Center” bulletin board in the classroom.
Language Arts:
•You have the number of days missed to make up your work
(ex: Absent on Monday & Tuesday=your work is due by Friday)
Reading Seminar: 
•You have the number of days missed to make up your work. Even if we do not see you for class your assignment is still due!
(ex: Absent on Monday=work is due by next class on Wednesday)


Late Work:
  • You have two days to turn in an assignment for full credit. After two days it is a 50%--no exceptions.
  • No late work will be accepted once the unit or trimester is over.

The secret word is stapler. The first person to tell Mrs. Kamp the secret word wins a prize!