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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Johnson
7th Grade Language Arts - Martino Jr. High

Weekly Assignments and Homework

Work for the week of 3/19 - 3/23



Reading O.Henry

  • "A Retrieved Reformation" comprehension questions due today
  • Wanted Poster Project

 HOMEWORK: Wanted Poster Due Wednesday 3/21

No School

Institute Day
  • HOMEWORK:  Wanted poster due tomorrow
Reading O. Henry
  • Turn in Wanted Posters
  • Read "After 20 Years" pgs 155-160
  • work on comprehension questions

 HOMEWORK"After 20 Years" comp questions due tomorrow

Reading: O. Henry
  • Turn in comprehension questions for "After 20 Years"
  • complete plot diagram for "After 20 Years"
  • HOMEWORK:  plot diagram due tomorrow


Reading: O. Henry
  • setting postcard project
  • HOMEWORK:  None
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Class 4/5-11/12     zca5i4

Class 6/13     alvzuv