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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Haring
7th and 8th Grade Reading
Seminar - Liberty and Martino Jr. Highs

Welcome to our class website!  I am excited to be a part to two great schools - Liberty and Martino Jr. High Schools!   I will be in both schools every day so students will be able to find me.  

Parents and Students - Please go to my page for 8th Grade Reading Seminar to see Grading, Class Expectations, Absent Work, and other information.

BLUE DAYS                                                        RED/GOLD DAYS
Block 1 - Martino 8th Grade                                 Block 8 - Liberty 8th Grade

Block 2 - Martino 8th Grade                                 Block 9 - Liberty Plan/LRC

Block 3 - Martino LRC                                          Block 10 - Liberty LRC

Block 4 - Travel .                                                  Block 11 - Travel

Block 6 - Liberty LRC or Plan                               Block 13 - Martino LRC

Block 7 - Liberty 8th Grade                                  Block 14 - Martino LRC

My main form of communication outside of school with the students is through Google Classroom.   Absent work and other information is posted daily for the students.   If parents would like access to the account, please email me and I will set it up.

Parents - the best way to reach me is through email or leave me a phone message.   I travel between both buildings each day.

The Reading Seminar curriculum focuses on the acquisition of vocabulary and the mastery of basic reading skills as applied to nonfiction.  Where traditional language arts classes focus primarily on the analysis of literary elements and comprehension of fictional novels and short stories, Reading Seminar classes focus on understanding and interpreting nonfiction materials such as essays, editorials, reviews, magazine and newspaper articles.

      The goal of the Reading Seminar class is to improve all students’ reading comprehension by reviewing and practicing individual reading skills such as establishing purpose, predicting, making inferences, evaluating and clarifying, finding main ideas, and using vocabulary in context.

Please see the specific grade level page for information regarding absent work, late homework, grading, and other information. 

Students will be working through the strategies for reading comprehension using Notice and Note Non-fiction.   These strategies assist a student to understand how to break down the different elements to read non-fiction passages in all areas of academic study.