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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Haring
7th and 8th Grade Reading
Seminar - Liberty and Martino Jr. Highs


See below the information regarding Absent work, homework policy, late work policy, Notice and Note, Expectations and Discipline, and Vocabulary Word lists.

Uprfont Magazine - our paper and digital magazine for students in Reading Seminar - will ask for an access code to get into our class.   The students will click on "I am a Student".   The code to enter is Packers15.

Our Wordly Wise book is a new edition that includes a component to use Quizlet.   Students do not need a username or password to access Quizlet.   Many students choose to make their own accounts with parent permission and design their own.   If you would like to use the Wordly Wise designed Quizlets, please click the link.   Search under Wordly Wise 3000 Level 8, Lesson ?.   You will add the lesson number.   Students were sent a link in their Google Classroom to access the class Quizlet page.   They can go to that link and join to reach the ones specifically designed for their own class.


Students choose to store their books in the classroom.  They are welcome to take the book home to study.  They are required to have the book in class every day.   Every student creates a vocabulary organizer at the beginning of each unit.   As we work through the lessons, they continue to add important information to their organizer to use to study for the vocabulary tests.

Every class the students must have the following:    Vocabulary book, pencil or blue/black pen, notebook paper, vocabulary organizer, pink, blue, green, orange, and yellow highlighters.

Late Homework

My Late Assignment Policy 
First Trimester
Students should strive to turn in all of their work on the posted due date. Assignments are due at the beginning of the class to be considered on time.  Late/Missing will be marked in PowerSchool with a 50%.  However, homework assignments will be accepted for full credit as long as the assignment is turned in by the next class meeting (2 school days - unless there is a weekend) and the 50% will be removed from the gradebook.  If an assignment is not turned in at the beginning of the next class meeting then the student will automatically receive a grade of 50% (F) on the assignment.  
Second Trimester 
I continue to follow the guidelines from the first trimester.     If the assignment is not turned in on that date it will result in an automatic 50% (F).
Third trimester is designed to help ease the transition to high school by practicing procedures used by the majority of high schools and high school teachers in the area.
Third Trimester  
NO late work will be accepted.  If the work is not turned in on the posted due date then the student will receive a 50% (F).  
Grading Policy

Grading - These percentages and requirements have been developed by the 8th grade Reading Seminar teachers and are consistent for all the classes at Liberty and Martino.
Homework/Classwork/Projects - 25%
Homework is generally a page or two reading or a primary source with 10 - 20 questions.  Students must use reading comprehension skills, evaluation skills, research skills, problem solving skills, and inferencing to successfully complete their homework.  Students may redo homework once for a better grade. They are given plenty of time to complete the assignment and can ask for help at any time, so the initial grade is (usually) the most accurate assessment of the students effort and understanding of the material.   These assignments may be paper and pencil or on their Google Classroom account.  
Vocabulary Tests- 35%
Vocabulary Tests are 25-35 questions that assess the students' understanding of the Wordly Wise vocabulary program.  These summative Vocabulary Tests are given every two weeks.   Student are told the due date on the day a new unit is introduced and are to write this date in their assignment notebooks every day that we have class.  We are working with the words and reinforcing their understanding of the use of the words in every class period.    Students are expected to take the test on that date even if they are absent the class before the test.  Vocabulary Tests may not be retaken to improve a grade.   Review materials are available on their Google Classroom account on the day the unit is introduced to the students.  Vocabulary tests are given paper and pencil so they can apply the strategies they have been taught.
Tests - 40% 
Tests are 30-55 questions that assess the students understanding of reading strategies that we have been learning or reinforcing.  The tests use the non-fiction stories from the Jamestown series and are given paper and pencil so students can apply the strategies that they have been taught.  There isn't a study guide because the students are applying what they have learned to a passage.  Also, one vocabulary test a trimester is given.   Study Guides are provided for this test. 

Students may not retake these summative tests.

No extra credit is offered in the class per the school grading policy.
Expectations and Discipline

CHAMPS Classroom Expectations

Class expectations are clearly posted and will be enforced in the classroom.  We are using the CHAMPS program in District #122 to set clear and enforced expectations in our classrooms.  Students need to follow these expectations.  If they do not then the school's step system will be used.


I will use the school's step system in the classroom to enforce the classroom expectations. 

Step 1: Warning
Step 2: Written Consequence
Step 3: Contact Home
Step 4: Office Referral

It is important that students and parents understand that I believe an educational environment should be safe, fun, and respectful.  Therefore, if I feel that a student is being disrespectful in language to a peer or to the teacher (I consider this to fall under the school's severe clause) he/she will be given an immediate office referral.  Students caught cheating or plagiarizing on homework/classwork will automatically earn a 50% (F).  Any students caught cheating during an assessment will be given an immediate office referral.  Please refer to the student handbook for questions regarding the student STEP system.  

Absent Work

 Students needing their absent work should go to their Google Classroom account.   It is posted within an hour after the end of the class period that the student was absent from.   Parents - An invitation was emailed to you to join your students' Google classroom account.   One email per student is available.

Absent Work is also available in the classroom 

      At Martino, on the bulletin board to the left as you walk in to room 26.

       At Liberty, on the back whiteboard in room C222.  If Mr. Didier is teaching at that time, you may still enter the room and get the work from the board labeled "Absent for Seminar"


Knowing how hungry 8th graders are all the time, I allow my students to bring a snack to eat during our 5 minute bellringer.   They can bring goldfish crackers or a few cookies.   Nothing that can be eaten with a spoon.  After the bellringer, they are not allowed to eat.

Students may have water bottles but they must be see through.   They may only have water.   No tea, coffee, juices, gatorade, or anything else.