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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Allison
Reading Seminar - Martino Jr. High

Reading Seminar Class Overview

     The Reading Seminar curriculum focuses on the acquisition of vocabulary and the mastery of basic reading skills as applied to nonfiction.  Where traditional language arts classes focus primarily on the analysis of literary elements and comprehension of fictional novels and short stories, Reading Seminar classes focus on understanding and interpreting nonfiction materials such as essays, editorials, reviews, magazine and newspaper articles.

      The goal of the Reading Seminar class is to improve all students’ reading comprehension by reviewing and practicing individual reading skills such as establishing purpose, predicting, making inferences, evaluating and clarifying, finding main ideas, and using vocabulary in context. 

       While reading, students will be learning to note:  contrasts and contradictions, extreme or absolute language, numbers and statistics, quoted words,  and text structure.

       Accelerated Reading Seminar will be working out of the 9th grade vocabulary book and will be reading material from a  high school grade level. 

 Grading:   Tests = 40%    Quizzes= 35%   Homework/ Classwork = 25% 

Link to Upfront magazine:  https://upfront.scholastic.com          Password: Penbest8.

 See Below for Specific Class Information

Monday, April 30h: Presentations. Hand in vocabulary review sheet.

Tuesday,May 1st:  Vocabulary 16A and B. Presentations

Wednesday, May 2nd:   Vocabulary 16A and B. Presentations.

 Thursday, May 3rd:    Go over Vocabulary 16 A and B. C and D is homework. Presentations. Start ABC book.

Friday, May 4th

Go over Vocabulary 16 A and B.  C and D is homework.  Presentations. Start on ABC book.