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Junior High School
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Physical Education - Martino Jr. High

Welcome to Martino Junior High Physical Education

This site will contain helpful information to help make your Martino Physical Education experience fun and educational!
The Physical Education Program at the junior high school is designed to meet the growing needs of our students.  Activities are planned to acquaint students with a variety of individual and team sports and lifetime activities.  We are concerned about the physical fitness level of our students and will work with them to improve that level.
The main goals of the Physical Education Program are as follows:
  1. To provide daily physical activity
  2. To develop knowledge of the skills and rules of many individual and team sports
  3. To encourage a reasonable level of physical fitness
  4. To provide a safe and enjoyable physical education experience
NO DRESS POLICY: Students can rent 3 times per Trimester. $1.00 
If you do not dress for Physical Education class or rent over 3x you will receive:
1st no dress = 5 points off preparedness grade
2nd no dress = 10 points off preparedness grade
3rd no dress = 15 points off preparedness grade
4th no dress = 20 points off preparedness grade

Students must have a school issued lock on their locker at all times. If the lock is lost and not claimed from the lost and found at the end of the week the student will have 5 points taken off their preparedness grade.

Students that score a grade of a D or F on a test may retake the test, after they have filled out the proper paper work. Students must also review the study guide and be prepared to retake the test.

Students have 2 class periods to talk to the teacher about a missed test (absence) or the test will go into the grade book as a 50%, until the student makes up the test.

Students who are to be excused from gym activities for a period of one day must present a written note signed by the parent/guardian.  Students to be excused for a period of time longer than the one day must present a written statement from a physician.
Students with a physician's statement on file are not required to "dress out" during the time of the excuse.  Upon being released by the physician, the student should obtain a written statement from the physician or parent verifying their return to regular physical activity.
The teacher will notify parents of students with excessive excuses.
Martino PE Unit Study Guides

Archery_Study_Guide.pdf                             Basketball_Study_Guide.pdf

Bean_Bag_Study_Guide.pdf                         Bowling_Study_Guide.pdf  

Badminton_Study_Guide.pdf                         Flag_Football_Study_Guide.pdf

Pickleball_Study_Guide.pdf                           Ping_Pong_Study_Guide.pdf

Soccer_Study_Guide.pdf                               Volleyball_Study_Guide.pdf