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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Thulin
7th and 8th Grade
Reading Enrichment/Reading Seminar
Martino Jr. High

Mrs. Thulin

8th Grade Reading Seminar 

7th and 8th Grade Reading Enrichment



Best to reach me by email or best time to call  is before school or after school

When absent please check google classroom for all assignments and worksheets missed!


Reading Seminar Homework



Trimester Three

May 17, 2017-    Finish WW 15 Ws and Complete WW 11-15 Definitions, TEST FRIDAY!!

May 15, 2017-      Last day of presentations, turn in 4 completed Worksheets from others presentations

HMWRK-  WW 15 A- C due Wednesday and WW Quiz Lesson 15 FRIDAY

April 21, 2017-   Finish CORE IDEAS Ws due next CLASS and WW 14 A-D due next Thursday

April 19 and 2,  2017-   In class read assigned article, complete 2 signposts and CORE IDEAS Ws and WW 14  WS, A and B

April 7, 2017-    WW 13 A- D, Ww Ws (All of it) and Study for WW 13 Quiz (Quiz next Class)

April 5, 2017-   WW 13 A and B & Ws- Definitions and ratings

March 9, 2017   Homework-  
WW 12 Ws (Just definitions), WW 12 A and B, Word of the Week- Ostentatious

March 7, 2017-   WW 11 Quiz Today, turn in The Pledge at 125 Quiz, and hmwrk-  Finish cartoon explanation (See google classroom)

March 3, 2017-  Due Today- WW 11 A-D and Word of the Week,

Homework- Finish "The Pledge at 125" quiz (1-10) and 2 signposts

March 1, 2017-   Wordly Wise 11 A-D and Word of the Week Ws- Augment

February 27, 2016-   Finish Final Draft of Constructed Response on Three Holocaust Articles 

February 16, 2017-    Due Today-  "The Forger Quiz", Revised copies of Central Idea and Text Structure Essays on "The Forger"

HMWRK-  WW 6-10 Review Packet 

February 10, 2017-   Due TODAY-  Word of the Week Ws (Advocate and Wreak), Wordly Wise Lesson 10 A-C and Wordly Wise Ws

DUE NEXT CLASS-  All worksheets associated with "The Forger" p. 16 Upfront Magazine   1.  Signpost Ws  2. Quiz Ws   3.  Central Idea paragraph   4.   Text Structure Paragraphs (2)-  Cause/Effect and Sequence

February 6, 2017-    WW 10 A-D, Ws and words of the week (Advocate and Wreak) Due FRIDAY, Started reading the "The Forger" and completing Word Gaps Ws, NO Homework

February 2, 2017-  Turned in extended response on "Fake News Fooling Millions",  Took Reading Test "Caught on the Web", NO HOMEWORK

January 31, 2017-  Finish Extended Response on "Fake News Fooling Millions"

January 27, 2017-   Finish WW 9 A-D, Quiz Next Class, Finish Text Structure Essay (Due TODAY)

4.  Tuesday December 13, 2016-  Finish WW 7 Ws, WW A-D Lesson 7, Quiz next class

3.  Tuesday November 29, 2016-  Study for WW 6 Quiz, Finish WW 6 A-D and Ws

2.  November 15, 2016-  Finish PART 1, 2, and 3 for WW Word of the Week Review and Turn in Word of the WEEK- Bizarre Ws by Friday

1.  November 13, 2016-  No Homework

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Reading Seminar

Student Responsibilities:

1.  Complete assigned Wordly Wise workbook activities every week.

 2.  Study for Worldy Wise Quizzes.

3.  Complete Word of the Week worksheet and turn in one a week.

 4.  Read 1-2 articles of choice from Upfront or newsela.com that we have not read in class and complete CORE IDEAS worksheet.  1-2 per trimester.

 5.  Complete class work and homework to practice reading skills and book noting.

 6.  Check website for homework and worksheets when absent or needs information missed in class. 

 7.  Complete 2 comprehension assessments per trimester. These will be assigned and taken in class. 

Grading:                                     Supplies:

Tests = 40%                                   Wordly Wise vocabulary book

Quizzes = 35%                              1 folder and 1 notebook

Homework/Classwork= 25%          pen/pencil


                                                        assignment notebook

The Reading Seminar curriculum focuses on the acquisition of vocabulary and the mastery of basic reading skills as applied to nonfiction.

 Where traditional language arts classes focus primarily on the analysis of literary elements and comprehension of fictional novels and short stories, Reading Seminar classes focus on understanding and interpreting nonfiction materials such as essays, editorials, reviews, magazine and newspaper articles.

 The goal of the Reading Seminar class is to improve all students’ reading comprehension by reviewing and practicing individual reading skills such as:



Identifying authors purpose and

Identifying main idea.


While reading students will be learning to note:

contrasts and contradictions

extreme or absolute language

numbers and stats

 quoted words

word gaps and

text structures.


v  Reading Seminar is a sixty-minute class that meets every other day.  Students may not have the same teacher for reading enrichment as they have for language arts class.

v  Students will be quizzed on one unit in their Wordly Wise vocabulary books every other week.

v  Students will be given a Wordly Wise vocabulary book to take home, but all other reading materials and books will be kept in class.

v  Students should expect some homework if the assignment is not completed during class.

v  Studying for vocabulary tests will be the primary homework focus for students outside of class.  The tests are challenging, and students are expected to study their vocabulary definition worksheet. 


Reading Enrichment


  1.  Daily- Assignment Notebook Completion

  2.   Daily- Record objectives and work done in Enrichment on monthly calendar

 3.   Twice a week-  Meet with Mrs. Thulin in class or advisory for 10-15 minute reading session (read aloud, retell, fluency building)

4.   Weekly- Complete Word of the Week activities weekly

  5.   Monthly-  Read an article of choice from the Upfront Magazine or newsela.com and complete CORE IDEAS ws.

Reading Enrichment  Objectives 

Identify the students’ needs

Implement effective interventions

Motivate and engage the student to become a more independent learner

Communicate needs of students and necessary modifications with core teachers



35%-  Participation-   Assignment notebook completion,  recording daily work on monthly calendar, reading log 2X a week with Mrs. Thulin

 35%-  Classwork-  Word of the week worksheets, Core Ideas Worksheet for article of the month

 30%-  Comprehension Assessments-  Students will take comprehension assessments periodically throughout the trimester to show strengths and areas that need reinforcement

Word of the Week WS



Week 1- Emulate

Week 2- Avid

Week 3- Derive

Week 4- Grimace

Read Live

Click on this link


username-  122 first and last name no spaces
password- NLSD and Id # no spaces
Focus While Reading Guide

1.  Remember to read the title, headings and subheading.

2.  While reading highlight or underline 

Red-  Who are they talking about?  

Yellow-  What is the reading about?

Green-  Why was this written or Why is it important?

Blue-  Wow- Anything that interests you, surprises you or WOWS you

3.  Circle any words or sentences that confuse you and then ask someone about them.