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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. Hence
Multimedia Production; Code, Create & Illustrate;
7th Grade Computer Cycle - Martino Jr. High

Code, Create, and Illustrate

This elective class will start with focusing on using Photoshop Elements.  Students will become familiar with the different components and learn to animate their images.  Once Photoshop is mastered, students will learn about coding using Ozobots, Scratch, and Stykz.  Students will also work on robotics with Vex IQ robots.  

Current Project

Students have become familiar with the selection tools in Photoshop Elements.  They are currently working on a project where they have to take a photo of themselves and place them in different parts of the world that they hope to visit one day.  

Block 1- 1/29

 Block 13- 1/30