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Alex M. Martino
Junior High School
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Mrs. LaBuhn
Physical Education - Martino Jr. High
The Physical Education Program at the junior high school is designed to meet the growing needs of our students.  Activities are planned to acquaint students with a variety of individual and team sports and lifetime activities.  We are concerned about the physical fitness level of our students and will work with them to improve that level.
The main goals of the Physical Education Program are as follows:
  1. To provide daily physical activity Yearly Units
  2. To develop knowledge of the skills and rules of many individual and team sports
  3. To encourage a reasonable level of physical fitness
  4. To provide a safe and enjoyable physical education experience
If you do not dress for Physical Education class you will receive:
1st no dress = 5 points off preparedness grade
2nd no dress = 10 points off preparedness grade
3rd no dress = 15 points off preparedness grade
4th no dress = 20 points off preparedness grade
Students who are to be excused from gym activities for a period of one day must present a written note signed by the parent/guardian.  Students to be excused for a period of time longer than the one day must present a written statement from a physician.
Students with a physician's statement on file are not required to "dress out" during the time of the excuse.  Upon being released by the physician, the student should obtain a written statement from the physician or parent verifying their return to regular physical activity.
The teacher will notify parents of students with excessive excuses.