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Arnold J. Tyler
Elementary School
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Mrs. Roach
1st Grade - Tyler

About Me... 

I love teaching these little ones everyday. I really enjoy getting to know each of their personalities and to see how they come together to make a classroom "family." 

Quick Facts...

Started Working at NLSD:


Graduated From:


Favorite Things:

Store: Target

Candy: Toffee

Restaurant: Francesca's

Animal: Dog


Favorite Thing About Teaching: 

My favorite thing about teaching is when my students get excited about learning something new and they ask if we can learn more. :) 

Favorite Book:

I love children's books, of course! My favorite authors are Dr. Seuss and Mo Willems. When I want a good book for myself, I usually pick up a detective mystery or a classic. I love to read!


I enjoy reading, cooking, decorating, doing puzzles, drinking tea, and going to the movies with Mr. Roach.