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Arnold J. Tyler
Elementary School
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Mrs. Fisher
Principal - Tyler

Principal Notes

Mrs. Patsy Fisher

Welcome to Arnold J. Tyler School!  I have worked in New Lenox School District 122 for 15 years, and I am starting my 5th year as the principal here at Tyler School. 

Together, teachers, students, and parents/guardians make a strong Tyler family. I appreciate your support as your child enters the classroom, learns, and grows throughout the year.  Let’s all commit to have a good school year, setting everyone, students, as well as teachers, up for success.

Quick Facts...

Education and Experience

  • Bachelors of Science: Northern Illinois University (2003)
  • Masters of Arts in Education: Olivet Nazarine University (2010)
  • Environmental Education 1 Year: San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala
  • 4th Grade Teacher 5 Years (New Lenox, IL)
  • 5th Grade Teacher 4 Years (New Lenox, IL)
  • Assistant Principal 2 Years (New Lenox, IL)
  • Principal at Tyler School (New Lenox, IL)