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Arnold J. Tyler
Elementary School


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Welcome to Pupil Personnel Services- 2015-2016




These staff members support our students and teachers in a variety of ways.  We rely on them to help us problem solve and give our students extra help to meet their individual needs.   Please see the staff page for phone extensions. E-mail addresses for all staff are first initial  lastname@nlsd122.org.   No spaces or punctuation. 


Social Worker                  Carrie Ienco          


Psychologist                     Debbie Stryjewski   


Occupational Therapist     


Speech Pathologist           Anne Maher


Resource Teacher             Paulette Domagalla 

Special Ed. Teacher          Amanda Sansone


Instructional/CD Teacher      Lindsay Johnson


CD Speech Pathologist       Erin Smith


Nurse                              Melissa Reusch


Reading Specialists           Linda Emmert


Paraprofessionals             Lisa Balstrode
                                        Linda Bockwoldt                       
                                        Cindy Jansma
                                         Lora Klozik                             


ESL                                 Diane Grigus


Physical Therapists        Raymie Doyle & Tracy Riley