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Arnold J. Tyler
Elementary School
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Mrs. Ienco
Social Worker - Tyler

About Me...

 My name is Carrie Ienco, however, students know me as "Ms. Carrie." I love what I do and have had the pleasure of being a school social worker for 15 years now. This is my first year in the New Lenox School District and I am excited to call Tyler Elementary my home. I look forward to getting to know the students and the wonderful families that help make Tyler such a great school.funky-pink-heart.png




Quick Facts...

Years Teaching:1

Favorite Thing About Teaching: helping students find their inner strength and having the honor of watching them grow in so many ways.Smile

Graduated From: U.I.C. Jane Adams School of Social Work

Hobbies: I love to paint, be outdoors and make memories with my husband and two children.