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Arnold J. Tyler
Elementary School
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Mrs. Domagalla
Resource Teacher - Tyler

About Me...

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Hello and welcome to my page!  I am in my 18th year teaching special education students at Tyler School.  Over the years, I have worked with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students as their resource teacher and as their instructional teacher, depending upon the year.  Working with my students rewards me everyday and I consider myself lucky that I get to have a job where I can laugh on a daily basis.  I can think of nothing else I would rather do for a career.  

Please contact me through my school email, pdomagalla@nlsd122.org if you have questions or concerns or you can call me at 815-485-2398 X 6399.

Quick Facts...

Years Teaching:


Graduated From:

I earned my bachelor degree at Eastern New Mexico University and my master's degree at Benedictine College in Lisle, IL.

Favorite Thing About Teaching:

I  love teaching at Tyler School for several reasons.  First, I am guaranteed to laugh each and every day.  My kids at school are so humorous, talented, and they say the funniest things.  A also love my job because I get to work with and become friends with some of the most compassionate, funny, and encouraging people I have known.  It makes me smile and I feel rewarded when I am able to teach my kids new information and watch their face light up with pride.


During my free time, I love to read, hang out with my family, watch movies, walk my 2 golden retrievers (Tucker and Cinder), and play by my pool.



I have a wonderfully loving and understanding husband, Randy, one resourceful and kindhearted son, Josh, and fantastic great step-children, Emily, Liz, Jake and Taylor.  I also have a beautiful, athletic, and intelligent granddaughter, Brooklynn.

Favorite Book:

The Giver by Lois Lowry