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Caroline Bentley
Intermediate School

All lunch orders will now be placed electronically!  

To order

  • Go to https://forms.gle/wsuijAin8YoqX9Wg7and follow the form   instructions.  and follow the form instructions
  • Lunch orders are due on Monday, April 12 (responses will not be accepted after noon)
  • A lunch order must be completed for each student who wants to order a lunch

To access a full menu please visit https://www.fdmealplanner.com/

  • type in your student's school name
  • choose the lunch menu for the current order period

Nutritional Information
To view the nutritional information

  • https://www.fdmealplanner.com/
  • type in your student's schools
  • choose the lunch menu for the current order period
  • click on the item from the main menu

Ingredients List
To view the ingredients list

  • click on Build a Meal
  • scroll through the date to find the Entree you are looking for
  • click on the entree and an ingredient list will appear