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Caroline Bentley
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Kraatz
6th Grade Math, Science,
and Social Studies - Bentley

Homework Policy

Students will be assigned homework on a regular basis.  Homework assignments will be written on the assignment notebook board in their classrooms, and it is the student’s responsibility to write it down in his/her assignment notebook and highlight it to signify that it is for homework.

Redo/Correct & Return
An assignment that is 69% or below, may qualify for a redo at the teacher’s discretion. Teachers will assign redos if they are trying to assess the mastery level of the material by the student. Not all assignments will qualify for redos. Redos are due no later than 2 days after receiving the assignment to redo.  In Power School teachers will note, “redo opportunity” in the comments section of that assignment. Assignments that have been redone will be noted as “redone”. It is the student’s responsibility to include redo assignments in their assignment notebook and turn them in

Missing & Late Work
Students who do not have their work completed when it is due will be assigned a Recess Workroom Pass, which will be required to be used their next recess.  If the missing assignment is in a class during the AM, the student will use his/her work pass that day; if the late assignment is in the PM class the student will utilize his/her work pass the following day.  Students using a Recess Workroom Pass will not lose any of their time to eat their lunch.   We will communicate the Recess Workroom Pass in the assignment notebook.   If the work is not completed using the Recess Workroom Pass it will be sent home for completion.  If the work is not completed the following day, a detention may be issued. Misbehavior during the Recess Workroom will result in the student being sent to the office to complete their work until lunch.
If work completion continues to be a problem, academic detention and homework club may be utilized