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Caroline Bentley
Intermediate School
Picture Missing
Mrs. Kraatz
4th Grade Math, Science,
and Social Studies - Bentley


-Pearson myWorld Social Studies-

The fourth grade text begins to concentrate narrowly only on the United States. It begins with a geographic overview then provides a brief historical summary.  The remaining chapters cover our government and economy as well as  the U.S. by region, going more in-depth on the geography and climate of each region, highlighting important resources that come from each, examining settlement and growth, and concluding with a snapshot of the region at present. 

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Geography of the United States - click here for study guide
Chapter 1 Vocabulary (Click to View)

Essential Question: How does geography affect the way we live?


Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Americans and their History - click here for study guide

Essential Question: How have we changed and how have we stayed the same over our history?

Chapter 2 Vocabulary (Click to View)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Government in the United States - click here for study guide

Essential Question: What is Special about American Government?

Chapter 3 Vocabulary (Click to View)