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Caroline Bentley
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Jones
4th Grade - Bentley

 Everyday Math

     Our district follows the Everyday Math program created by the University of Chicago.  Information regarding the program philosophy, curriculum, and other policies can be found at the University of Chicago Everyday Math Website.
A link to the Student Reference Book and other Everyday Math related activities can be found by clicking the book below.  Students should use their username and password to login to their page on the website.

Home Links
Your child's homework can be located and printed by clicking on the above book link and logging in to your child's account.  You may also find it at by clicking here, which will take you to the Everyday Math site.  Choose the correct unit from the page and find the day's lesson.

Quick view Student Reference Book

Visit IXL.com and practice important math skills.
Login: 122firstlastname@nlsd
Password:  nlsd5digitnumber

Practice facts at Reflex Math.  Press Launch. 
User: mrsjones122 
Password:  nlsd5digit# 

Unit 1

Chapter 1 Place Value: Multidigit Addition and Subtraction

Study Guide

Math Boxes      Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13

Home Link        Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13


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IXL Lessons

1-1:  Place Value in Whole Numbers

  • A.1
  • A.3

1-2:  Place Value Concepts:  Extended Form

  • A.2

1-3:  Formal Procedures for Rounding

  • A.6
  • A.12

1-4:  Intro to the Student Reference Book


1-5:  Estimation Strategies


  • B.8
  • B.9

1-6:  Solving Number Stories


  • B.2
  • C.2

1-7:  U.S. Addition

  • B.1
  • B.3

1-8:  Cracking the Muffin Code



1-9:  Traditional Subtraction

  • C.1

1-10:  Customary Units of Length

  • N.1
  • N.2
  • N.3

1-11:  Points, Line Segments, Lines, and Rays

  • W.4

1-12:  Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals

  • Lessons in the “X” section

1-13:  Finding the Perimeter of Squares and Rectangles

Unit 2

Chapter 2 Multiplication and Geometry

Math Boxes     Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13
Home Link    Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13


Video Links


IXL Lessons

2-1:  Square Number Patters

  • L.2
  • L.6

2-2:  The Area Formula for Rectangles

  • BB.6

2-3:  Factors and Factor Pairs

  • D.2
  • D.5

2-4:  Multiples

  • D.4

2-5:  Prime and Composite Numbers

  • A.10
  • A.11

2-6:  Little and Big Open Response



2-7:  Units of Time

  • O.1

2-8:  Multiplicative Comparisons

  • D.3

2-9:  Multiplicative Comparison Number Stories


2-10:  Classifying Triangles

  • X.1

2-11: Classify Quadrilaterals

  • X.5
  • X.6
  • X.7
  • X.8
  • X.9

2-12:  Finding Lines of Symmetry

  • Y.1

2-13:  Finding the Pattern

  • L.2
  • L.3
Unit 3

 Chapter 3 Fractions and Decimals

Math Boxes     Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13
Home Links    Lessons 1-6    Lessons 7-13


Video Links


IXL Lessons

3-1:  Equal Sharing and Equivalence

  • P.1
  • P.5

3-2:  Fraction Circles and Equivalence

  • Q.1

3-3:  Number Lines and Equivalence

  • P.6

3-4:An Equivalent Fraction Rule

  • P.7

3-5: Veggie Pizza Open Response Question


3-6:  Comparing Fractions

  •  P.14

3-7:  Comparing and Ordering Fractions

  • P.19
  • P.20
  • P.21

3-8:  Modeling Tenths with Fraction Circles

  • T.1

3-9:  Modeling Decimals with Base 10 Blocks

  • T.2
  • T.3

3-10:  Tenths and Hundredths

  • T.3
  • T.4

3-11: Tenths and Hundredths of a Meter


3-12: Tenths of a Centimeter


3-13:  Comparing Decimals

  • T.14
  • T.15
Unit 4

Chapter 4 Multidigit Multiplication

Math Boxes      Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13
Home Links      Lessons 1-6     Lessons 7-13


Video Links


IXL Lessons

4-1:  Extended Multiplication Facts

  • D.25
  • D.26

4-2:  Making Reasonable Estimates

  • D.13

4-3:  Partitioning Rectangles

  • D.16

4-4: Converting Liquid Measurement


4-5: Walking Away with a Million Dollars Open Response Question


4-6:  Introducing Partial Products

  •  D.16

4-7:  Metric Units of Mass


4-8:  Money Number Stories

  • M.7
  • M.8

4-9:  Partial Products


4-10:  Multiplication Wrestling


4-11: Area Models for Rectangles and Rectilinear Figures

  •  BB.7

4-12: Multistep Multiplication Number Stories

  • D.15
  • D.26

4-13:  Lattice Multiplication

  • D.17
Websites to Visit

IXL We use this website in the classroom, it is a great website for practicing math facts and skills we are working on in class.  Students may work on specific skills and it is well organized into categories. Each student has his or her own unique username and password on a notecard inside the cover of their Assignment Notebook. Remember to login to your account before practicing! 

Hooda Math  This site has several fun games for students to play to practice multiplication and division facts amongst other skills.  Students can even practice and play with their friends (or you!).

Math Playground  This site has multiple fun games for students to practice a wide variety of math concepts and skills.