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Caroline Bentley
Intermediate School
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Mr. Sander
5th and 6th Grade Science and
Social Studies - Bentley

Homework and Projects

6Th grade Science Make-up points

If you would like to make up some points you have missed in Science all you have to do is a simple report.  All reports will be due on Oct. 15, 2015.

You may create a poster or a power point on the life and history of a scientist or inventor that Mr. Sander assigns. (Other creative projects may be approved by Mr. Sander.)

Included in the report should be the persons name, date of birth and death, if relevant, where they lived and what they are famous for.  You should also include in the report any awards or recognitions the person received. Several photographs of the person should also be included and photographs of their work as well. Many scientists may have received the Nobel Prize or have been recognized as the leader in a particular field. If your person  is an inventor, you should highlight three or four of their most famous inventions and tell why they were important.

I have decided not to require a five paragraph essay on THIS report.  (Maybe next time.) Good luck and have fun.



American Hero Project


Due Date Nov. 10, 2015

In this project you will research a person in your family who has served in the armed forces at any time.  You will create a visual presentation that includes pictures and the person’s life story in an essay form.  On or near November 10, 2015 you will give an oral presentation about your person.  Please follow the instructions below to get the best grade possible.  


The person that you do your project on should have served in the US armed forces at anytime in history.  I count all our veterans as heroes, not just the ones who served on the front lines during a war,  so they could have served in any position at any time in our history.  Additionally, you might also choose to do your project on a family member who is a fireman or policeman, or has served in a government post or was elected to a government office in the Untied States of America.  (Additional people of interest might be allowed with the approval of Mr. Sander.) Finally if you cannot find anyone in your family to do a report on, ask Mr. Sander and he has a list of people to assign you.

Written Report:

You will write a basic history of the person’s life in essay from.  It should be about five paragraphs long.  The first paragraph will tell who the person is, how they are related to you, and why you selected them as your American Hero.  The second paragraph will tell about the early part of this person’s life, such as where and when they were born, school years and clubs they might have been involved in, and where they lived leading up to enlistment or being drafted.

The third and fourth paragraphs should  highlight  this persons service years.  Tell where they traveled to,  what their job was in the military.  Explain their training.  Make sure you include any interesting facts like major battles they might have been in or cool jobs they had and places they visited.  Please include any awards they might have won while serving in the military.

The final paragraph would be dedicated to life after the service.  When they were married, where they worked, and what they are involved in would be some of the things you would include in this part of the essay.  Wrap things up and restate why you picked them as your American Hero. (Power point people should have all the essay information in the power point.)

The Project:

You will make a poster, power point, or video about your person and their life.  Your essay must be on the poster, along with your name and their name, along with any photographs or newspaper articles that you wish to include related to your person. Pictures of them as a child and an adult are always nice to see.  Please try not to use any original photographs because we don’t want them lost or possibly damaged.

Oral Presentation:

On or near Nov. 10 2015 (6th Grade Nov. 2) you will give an oral presentation about your person.  You are welcome to bring in school appropriate items that are related to your speech.  You will explain your visual project and provide the class with information about your person and their life.   Your poster will be displayed in the hall during the month of November and can be picked up at parent teacher conferences. 


You will be graded on the following items:

Neatness of the poster or project  3pts

If the essay was included 5pts

If you had your name on the project and the hero’s name 2pts

If you turned it in on time 2pts

How well you did on your oral presentation 5 pts

The overall completion and look of the project 3pts