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Caroline Bentley
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Morgan
5th Grade and 6th Grade Language Arts - Bentley

5th Grade Story Town Vocabulary 

Please watch the vocabulary lesson for each lesson and fill out the Flipped Vocab Sheet. 
Download File

Lesson 2 Vocabulary Video - https://goo.gl/IcpV9R 
Lesson 12 Vocabulary Video https://youtu.be/yCFGNNp6qgM
Lesson 13 Vocabulary VIdeo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcHkiqKjRkE
Lesson 14 Vocabulary Video https://youtu.be/tlZEVe8A9_E
Lesson 16 Vocabulary Video http://youtu.be/5PobhyMJIoU

Lesson 17 Vocabulary http://youtu.be/QQt1_OxQjBQ

Lesson 18 Vocabulary http://youtu.be/CyKC4E7qYjc_

Lesson 19 Vocabulary - http://youtu.be/zHCH9TKcP04

Lesson 20 Vocabulary http://youtu.be/6GsRjmrkw3k

Lesson 21 Vocabulary http://youtu.be/4WbvxSg5jiE

Lesson 22 Vocabulary http://youtu.be/o2pDJV9ZTwg

Lesson 23 Vocabulary https://youtu.be/yD7i4rj14dg

Lesson 24 Vocabulary https://youtu.be/b2lEr8FZasc