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Lesson Study Guides for Storytown

Click on the drawer for each theme.  Then click on the lesson in green for a printable link to all study guides.  The study guides below contain the key reading, grammar, writing, and spelling concepts; as well as the spelling list and challenge words we will be exploring each week.



***Forget your reading book at school?  Click here to access the Storytown book online.***

Theme 1: Facing Challenges

Lesson 1:  The Hot and Cold Summer
Lesson 2:  Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen
Lesson 3:  Danitra Brown Leaves Town
Lesson 4:  Kai's Journey to Gold Mountain

Lesson 5:  Pedro Puts on a Play

Theme 2: Getting the Job Done

Lesson 6:  On the Banks of Plum Creek
Lesson 7:  Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World
Lesson 8:  Three Little Cyberpigs
Lesson 9:  Weaving a California Tradition
Lesson 10:  Emerald's Eggs
Theme 3: Natural Changes

Lesson 11:  Mimicry and Camouflage
Lesson 12:  Mountains
Lesson 13:  Fire Storm  (Click here to play the Jeopardy review game.)
Lesson 14:  The Stranger
Lesson 15:  The Adventurers
Theme 4: Imagination at Work

Lesson 16:  So You Want to Be an Inventor?
Lesson 17:  Just Like Me
Lesson 18:  Hewitt Anderson's Great Big Life
Lesson 19:  Juan Verdades:  The Man Who Couldn't Tell a Lie
Lesson 20:  The Case of the Too-Hot Apple Cider
Theme 5: A New Home

Lesson 21:  Because of Winn-Dixie
Lesson 22:  My Diary From Here to There
Lesson 23:  The Cricket in Times Square
Lesson 24:  Mangrove Wilderness
Lesson 25:  Welcome to Chinatown!
Theme 6: Exploring Our World

Lesson 26:  Dragons and Dinosaurs
Lesson 27:  Grand Canyon:  A Trail Through Time
Lesson 28:  The Bunyans
Lesson 29:  John Muir and Stickeen:  An Icy Adventure With a No-Good Dog
Lesson 30:  Discovering the Atocha

Language Arts

Think Central: This website contains an online version of your student's StoryTown book.  
username: 122firstnamelastname
password: nlsd5digitcode

IXL Language Arts: This site is great for practicing the grammar skills we are working on throughout the year! 
username: 122firstnamelastname@nlsd
password: nlsd5digitcode

 Spelling City: This is a great website for practicing your child's weekly spelling words through games and other activities.  

Scholastic Book Orders: You can order books online or by check through Scholastic Book Club.  This is a great way to build your child's library at home!  Our class code is GPD76.

A few iPad apps to help with reading fluency:

One Minute Reader (Free in iTunes Store - Available on iPad only)
  • Develops fluency through engaging content
  • Models fluency
  • Offers repeated reading
  • Enhances vocabulary through multiple activities
  • Promotes comprehension
  • Provides feedback
  • Levels through 5th grade

K12 Timed Reading Practice ($1.99 in iTunes Store - Available on iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad)
  • Develops fluency 
  • 250 short, engaging stories for reading levels up to 4.7
  • Passages are fiction and non-fiction
  • Track stories read, words per minute, and percent above and below average reading rates
  • View recommendations for moving up or down in reading levels