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Caroline Bentley
Intermediate School
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Ms. Ruhl
6th Grade Language Arts, Science and
Social Studies - Bentley

Assignments are written in the assignment notebook daily. Many assignments are posted on Google Classroom.  On a typical week, you can expect to have the following homework:

  • Wordly Wise comprehension (only every 2-3 weeks)
  • Study for Vocabulary Quiz on Tuesdays
  • Practice Book pages due on Wednesdays
  • Study for Grammar Quiz on Wednesdays
  • Vocabulary video "flipped" lesson due Thursdays (posted on Google Classroom)
  • "Think Critically" comprehension questions due on Fridays (directions to log-in to online textbook are below)
  • Grammar WSQ "flipped" lesson due on Fridays (posted on Google Classroom)
  • No homework on the weekends unless a student has been absent or has missing assignments!

40 Book Challenge!

This year, each student will participate in the 40 Book Challenge!  To complete it, they will complete a book about every 8-10 days!  So, students should be reading at least 20 minutes per day at home.  We will also have time to read in school!

Students should try to cover the following genre:

Poetry (2)          Realistic fiction (5)          Historical fiction (2)          Fantasy (2)

Mystery (2)          Informational (2)          Biography/autobiography (2)

Chapter-book choice (23+)

If your child forgets his/her Story Town textbook or Practice workbook at home, it is now available online!  To access the e-books, please follow these steps:

2.  Enter Illinois, New Lenox School District 122, and Caroline Bentley school in the drop-down menus.
3.  Enter your child's username and password.  
        *Each username is 122 followed by the child's full legal name.  For example: "122jenniferruhl"  
        *The password is nlsd followed by student ID, which the kids use to log-in to the computers here at school.  For example: "nlsd12345"
        *This information can also be found in each child's assignment notebook!
4.  Log-in.
5.  Click on MY LIBRARY to find the e-books!
Please e-mail me at jruhl@nlsd122.org if you are having trouble logging in.