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Caroline Bentley
Intermediate School
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Ms. Ruhl
6th Grade Language Arts - Bentley
May 9, 2016
Be sure to adhere to the due dates for this project!May 5 - Organizer dueMay 9 - Rough draft dueMay 11 - Final copy and visual aid due - ready to give your speech!May 17 - Last day for speeches!Here is a more direct link to sign in to Google Classroom!
March 16, 2016
You will write an expository essay on a topic related to ancient Greece or ancient Rome.  Be sure your topic is narrow enough to be focused, but not so narrow that you have trouble finding enough supporting details.  You may use the links below …
February 18, 2016
Here are some links to help you find articles for the topic you have chosen.  Read both articles for the topic and complete the activity according to the directions on your worksheet.StarsNational Geographic articleReaching for the StarsHouseboatsWik…
January 5, 2016
Please download the information sheet for detailed directions on this project!If you are videotaping AT HOME, you need to have the video done and uploaded by January 20.  (If it is not done by this date, you must videotape your project at school…
October 20, 2015
For privacy reasons, I will not post the link to the stop motion projects on this website.  However, please look on Edmodo for the link!  The projects are "Unlisted," so you can only view them with the link.