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All students will need a fiction book by Monday, October 7th for their in class book report. Books need to be read by Friday, November 1st. Please encourage your student to be reading nightly!

If you would like to order scholastic books our code is: GPVG9

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To access the ReadyGen book online please log in to your child's Powerschool account.


NO TEST Friday

ReadyGen's spelling words can be found in the student's Word Analysis book. Each week, the students will have three practice pages to complete. Each chapter you will see the spelling words are being used in analogies, synonyms, antonyms, and a variety of other activities. Students will be tested on these words on Friday!


Final Syllables –en, -an, -el, -le, -il #9

1. example

2. evil

3. cancel

4. chisel

5. level

6. oxygen

7. chuckle

8. suburban

9. slogan

10. wooden

11. fossil

12. single

13. quarrel

14. double

15. toboggan

16. sudden

17. scramble

18. travel

19. veteran

20. beagle

Only sign into Google Classroom if it's in students assignment notebook!

Students can log into our Google Classroom from home.

Each student has an email account.

firstnamelastname@students.nlsd122.org (lower case)

Second login screen:


nlsd###### (lowercase and school number)



Brycen 11/2

D'Angelo 11/25

Reading: Unit 1: Module A

This week we will finish reading the realistic fiction novel, Night of the Spadefoot Toads. Comprehension test Oct 30th. We will be focusing on comparing and contrasting two or more characters in a story.  We will also be analyzing details in a text, including how characters respond to challenges. We will use that to determine the theme of the story.

In grammar, we will be focusing on our monster adjective project as well as adverbs. We will learn about different types of nouns. 

In writing, we will be completing a creative story comparing and contrasting using adjectives. Halloween spooky story!

Our spelling test over digraphs irregular plurals will be on Friday, November 8th.

Continue reading your  book for the book report. Books should be done by Nov. 1st!

Vocabulary Unit 1A