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Caroline Bentley
Intermediate School


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Mrs. McDonald
4th Grade - Bentley
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Favorite Websites

IXL- Students practice language arts skills and earn medals for excellence in each skill.  

Quizlet: Students practice vocabulary words for each lesson through a series of fun activities! 

SpellingCity: Students practice spelling words in a fun and engaging way! 

Hoodaword: Students practice skills through a series of exciting games

Author's Purpose:  Students read secretions and decide if the author's purpose is to inform, persuade, or entertain.  

Author's Purpose: Students select the author's purpose for each type of text.

Cause and Effect Jeopardy:  Test you knowledge of cause-and-effect by playing this interactive review game! 

Cause and Effect: Determine the correct cause or effect to earn more money in Rags to Riches. 

Cause and Effect:  Match each cause with its correct effect to earn points.  Set a time limit for an added challenge!  

Compare and Contrast: Determine whether each statement is an example of comparison or contrast and earn money in Rags to Riches.  

Compare and Contrast:  Practice identifying similarities and differences in text! 

Compare and Contrast: Practice identifying similarities and differences in text.  

Fact or Opinion: Identify facts and opinions to earn money in Rags to Riches.  

Fact or Opinion II: Identify opinions to earn money in Rags to Riches.  

Fact or Opinion:  Read the statements and determine if they are facts or opinions. 

Sequencing Fun: Students place events in sequential order

Sequence Boxing: Students place comic strips in correct order and answer questions about the comic. 

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