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Caroline Bentley
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Urban
Communication Development - Bentley

The Communication Development (CD) program is a NLSD 122 special education program designed to meet the needs of students with significant expressive and receptive language difficulties that require a small-group setting to increase their academic success. Additionally, the students require intensive speech and language therapeutic interventions and direct instruction in all or most core academic areas.

Students will be instructed using NLSD 122 core curriculum with accommodations and modifications. Out-of-grade-level curriculum and intervention programs will also be utilized based on individual student needs. All NLSD 122 students are held to high academic standards and all students are given the appropriate opportunities to learn.

Our classroom has a full-time, certified, special education teacher and part-time speech and language pathologist. These qualified professionals will co-teach lessons and instruct students in large group, small group, and individual settings based on the students’ instructional grade level. Classrooms will have increased visual and nonverbal supports to reinforce daily schedules and academic concepts. Classroom rosters will remain small to allow for the maximum level of support and interventions, as students require.

Students will participate in appropriate activities with their grade level, general education peers. Other IEP related service (OT, PT, SW) are provided as indicated on the students’ individualized education plan (IEP).