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Cherry Hill
Elementary and Early Childhood Education Center
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Miss Bosco
Excel - Cherry Hill

 Welcome to Miss Bosco's Early Childhood Excel class!




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What will my child's schedule look like?

     Each day is scheduled into 15 or 30 minute increments which consist of a variety of academic and social opportunities for your child. Students in the Early Childhood Excel class will participate in morning meeting, individualized Applied Behavioral Analysis work sessions, choosing various centers, fine motor opportunities, gross motor opportunities, Teach Town computer based learning, and social work/occupational therapy/speech groups. Students will also have specials each day which include: Music, Library, Art, and Gym. 

Who will be working with my child?

     Students may be working with a variety of individuals throughout the day. These individuals include: Classroom teacher, paraprofessionals, Social worker, Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and Physical Therapist. 

What will my child be learning about?

     All of the students will be learning various Pre-school activities based on thematic units at each of their individual levels. Academic, behavioral, and social skills will be taught throughout the day.