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What Does a School Nurse Do?

  • Provides health services that increase school attendance
  • Helps prevent and control the spread of communicable disease
  • Administers specialized services to students (medications, tube feedings, insulin)
  • Verifies immunizations to keep the school in compliance with state mandates
  • Screens for hearing and vision deficits
  • Provides health professional input and direction for school and community policies and programs
  • Educates students and staff on managing their own health and wellness
  • Assists in the evaluation of students for special education services

The School Nurse: Better Health. Better Learning.

Health Forms

Physical exams are required for students entering preschool, kindergarten, 6th grade, and for students entering an Illinois school for the first time. 

Illinois School Physical Form 

Certificate of Religious Exemption - required for students whose parents claim a religious objection to receiving vaccines. 

Dental exams are required for students in kindergarten, second, and sixth grades

Illinois Dental Exam Form 

Vision exams are required for students in kindergarten and for students entering an Illinois school for the first time.

Illinois Eye Exam Form 

Medications in School

Please refer to our Parent Student Handbook for our Medication Policies. 

A Medication Authorization Form is required for the administration of any medication, prescription or over the counter, in school. The form must be completed by a health care provider (MD, APN, PA) and signed by the parent.

The use of inhalers for asthma do not require a physician's order but do require the prescription label and written parent permission on the back of the medication authorization form. 

Food Allergies

Students with food allergies must have an Illinois Food Allergy Action Plan on file with the school nurse. The form must be completed by a licensed health care provider and the parent/guardian. It is the parent/guardian responsibility to submit the form and the emergency medication to the school health office prior to the student attending school. 



When to Keep Your Child Home from School

The School Nurses of New Lenox School District follow the recommended practices and procedures of the Illinois Department of Public Health, which are set forth by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Nurse Practice Act.

Staying home - A child should stay home for 24 hours after any of the following have occurred:

1. Fever of 100 degrees or above

2. Vomiting or diarrhea

3. Being placed on an antibiotic by the doctor
The twenty-four-hour time period allows for an antibiotic to take effect or for a sick child to fully recover. Returning to school too early benefits no one and keeps the cycle of illness going.