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Cherry Hill
Elementary and Early Childhood Education Center
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Ms. Cummings
Elementary Excel - Cherry Hill



8:25-8:35 – Arrival Routine

The children will arrive by car or bus.  The bus-riders will be taken off the bus by staff, and will enter and exit the building through the neighborhood pillar doors.  Those arriving by car will follow the routines given in our general Cherry Hill procedures.  Thank you for your patience with these routines, as they are the best way to keep all of our students safe. Upon arrival the children will follow a daily routine that includes learning about waiting in line, finding their cubby, taking off and hanging up their coats and backpacks, then following our classroom and individual schedules.

8:35-8:50 – Whole Group

After the arrival routine, we will transition to the small group tables where we will work with manipulatives and table-top toys.  This is a great time to identify motivating activities, work on requesting items, and also lots of fine motor practice! We’ll also take this time to take sensory breaks, provide sensory diets as needed, and bathroom breaks.

8:50-9:15 – Calendar

This is a large group instruction time involving language-based readiness and social activities. Children work on following directions, remaining on-task, as well as waiting for a turn. We check our daily schedule, learn about the different components of the calendar, dress for the weather and greet our friends.  Circle time provides many opportunities to work on social interaction, language concepts, readiness skills, and appropriate large group attending and behavior.

9:15-9:45 – Small Groups (Snack) and Workplaces

At this time, the students are broken up into two smaller groups.  One group will transition to the table for about 15 minutes or so with one teacher, while the others go to their individual work stations to work on individual tasks or programs in a 1:1 setting for about 15 minutes. We then switch groups. This small group/intensive teaching instruction is scheduled in 3-4 times a day.  Often times, our specialists schedule time in the classroom to work on skills during this time in a 1:1 situation or in a small group once or twice a week, depending on the need.  

9:45-10:00 – Recess OR Developmental Centers (NET)

Our learning centers are where we play and learn with Natural Environment Teaching.  We have the art center, music center, sensory table, the dramatic play area including building and pretend play toys to choose from.  At this time, the adults will facilitate play and work on skills in this natural play situation. They will make choices, work on attending, play skills, and joint interactions.  We are also working on generalizing skills from intensive teaching and small group instruction into this more natural environment while at centers.     

10:00-10:30 – Small Groups and Workplaces

10:30-11:00 – Developmental Centers (Natural Environment Teaching)

11:00-12:00 – Lunch Time, Bathroom, Sensory Breaks, and Rest Time

We will have a snack and lunch daily.  Please send a separate daily snack for your child with his/her name on it, and a drink unless you are ordering milk from school.  We also ask you to send in a lunch or order the box lunch from our school lunch program.  This is a great time to work on requesting items, naming items, and socialization.  We discuss, describe and compare foods, practice sitting in a group for meals, and of course manners! This can be a great time to practice fine motor and self-help skills opening and closing containers and accessing our favorite foods!

12:00-12:40 – Small Groups and Workplaces

12:40-1:00 – Developmental Centers (Natural Environment Teaching)

1:00-1:20 – Specials (Art, Library, Music, or P.E.)

1:20-1:50 – Small Group and Workplaces

1:50-2:10 – Music/Story

2:15 Dismissal