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Mr. Wolf
Physical Education - Haines


August/September Newsletter

Welcome back to physical education at Haines!  To start off the year in P.E.  we will be doing introduction activities, team-building activities, and cooperatives during August.  These activities will be great ways for the students to get to know their new classmates and encourage them to both help and feel comfortable with their peers while getting exercise.  This will be the base of the entire school year as I focus on cooperation, sportsmanship, and teamwork throughout every unit we do.  Each lesson maintains Illinois/National P.E. standards that are appropriate for the student’s age.

      At the start of September, we will start our first unit which is Frisbee.  That will also lead into activities made to increase cardiovascular endurance.  Students will be practicing their throwing and catching techniques in the beginning and later playing modified individual and team games that utilize both Frisbee and cardiovascular endurance. 


Please remember that each student needs to either wear or bring gym shoes with them to school every day. This is the same throughout the entire school year.  If they do not have the correct footwear they cannot participate as it is a safety issue.  Thanks.



-Mr. Wolf

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