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Mr. Wolf
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February Newsletter


Review:   As we wrap up January, we also wrap up our bowling unit.  The Huskies have been busy increasing their aim, working on their footwork, and being good teammates with their bowling lanes.  We have also been taking some time to discuss Jump Rope for Heart and what it is all about and how to help the cause. 


Preview:  During February I’d like to focus our attention directly on Jump Rope for Heart. We had our “Kick-Off” assembly on Jan. 18th for the 3rd graders only which explained what the American Heart Association does and how Jump Rope for Heart is involved.  The actual event date is set for February 17th at 9:30AM.  Students can donate all the way up until the day of the event takes place.  In P.E. the students will have a mini jump rope unit as well as concentrating on fitness and health including healthy eating habits, cardio, flexibility, and strength.


If your child is donating for Jump Rope for Heart, the easiest/best way to do so is online at heart.org/jump where you can sign up to be on the Haines School team.  If you choose to donate offline, no cash donations can be accepted as they must be converted into checks made payable to American Heart Association. 




-Mr. Wolf

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