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October Newsletter


Review:          During August/September the students have been getting used to working with each other in teamwork-based activities, cooperation activities, and working on keeping a good morale during P.E. overall

The hardest part of working with others in a team is when things don’t go your way.  Take a moment to talk with your child about winning and losing, going first or last, succeeding and failing.  These were some of the things we talked about during the teamwork unit.

Preview:         Coming up after September ends will be a new unit during October.  The unit will be floor hockey where students will learn the fundamentals and basics of hockey in a safe environment.  Students will learn skills such as passing, shooting, and stick handling and apply them to teamwork-based modified games.  Along with the skills, students will be engaged in hand-eye-coordination small-sided games, and fitness-based lessons utilizing hockey skills.



PSA: I love some of the awesome footwear that our student’s wear, but please don’t forget to put a pair of gym shoes in their backpacks with them so they can participate during PE time. Thanks!




-Mr. Wolf




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