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Elementary School

First Grade

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Mrs. Vasquez, Mrs. Brosius, Mrs. Davy, Ms. Welch, Ms. Nelson, and Mrs. Lessner

Our Favorite Websites:

Language Arts / Writing:
Fuzzy Lion Ears (PBS Kids)
Spelling Match (1st Grade)

Clifford's Storybooks & Games

Starfall - Learn to Read
Chris Van Allsburg
Jan Brett

Connect the Dots (FunBrain)
Doodle Dots
Flo and Zo Sort it Out (Sc)
Tumbleweed's Math Maze
Base Ten Count

Science / Health:
Oakland Zoo Animals
Scholastic Dinosaurs
Zoobooks Virtual Zoo
Let's Talk About Insects
Tropical Rainforest


First Grade Internet Safety Curriculum


Internet Safety Curriculum
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Lesson 1Safe and Responsible use of the Internet
    Bobo the Rabbit- Internet Safety
Lesson 2- It's OK to Tell
    BrainPopjr- Internet Safety
Lesson 3- Keeping Personal Information Safe
Lesson 4- Avoid Deceptive Communication    
Lesson 5- Internet Bullying
Lesson 6- It's OK To Tell
Lesson 7- Copyright Laws