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Elementary School

Second Grade

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Mrs. Willard, Mrs. Jablonski, Mrs. Frieri, Mrs. Lowell, Mrs. Brown,

Mrs. Kneeland

Language Arts :

Power Proofreading
Rhyme Rodeo
Sitton Spelling

Find the Adjective
Adjectives - Kind, Color, Size, How Many
Adjectives - Comparing
Adjectives - Before or After a Noun
Practice Using Adjectives
Match the Adjective and the Noun
Adjectives and Adverbs
Starfall - Learn to Read 

Social Studies:

The US 50
Place The State

The Mount Vernon Virtual Mansion Tour

Harriet Tubman
Underground Railroad (NG)
Underground Railroad Quilt to Freedom

Statue of Liberty Photo Tour

Buy It
Learning to Use Money
Lemonade Stand
Practical Money Skills for Life
Money Count 

Science / Health:
Science Website
Rainforest Animals
Rainforest Alliance

Germs, Germs Everywhere
Infection Detection Protection
Stalking the Mysterious Microbe
What are germs? (KidsHealth)
National Geographic Jellyfish
Ocean Zones Web Quest

Zoom Dinosaurs

U of I Horticulture for Kids

Vampire Bats
Sea World: Bats

Crayola Creativity Central
Cyberchase (PBS Kids)


Second Grade Internet Safety Curriculum


Internet Safety Curriculum
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Lesson 1Responsible Online Citizens
    BrainPop- Internet Safety
Lesson 2- Staying Safe Online
    Disney Safe Surfing- Game

    Beat the Tricks- Video
Lesson 3- Keep it Private
Video for Teacher- Follow the Digital Trail
Lesson 4- Avoiding Deceptive Communications
    Webville Outlaws- Video

    Clicky's Challenge- Game
    The Boy Who Loved Im- Video
Lesson 5- Reporting Online Bullying
      Faux Paw Meets the First Lady- Video
    Bad Netiquette Stinks- Video
Lesson 6- It's OK to Tell- Video
    Know the Rules- Video
Lesson 7- Copyright Don't Steal Like a Pirate- Video
    BrainPop- Copyright Laws