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Elementary School
Picture Missing
Mrs. Gheorghiu
Speech Language Pathologist - Haines

Please click the area below for ideas to incorporate language practice and enhancement in to your daily routines.

Language Ideas

September words, questions, and activities to incorporate into your days with your children using good articulation skills as they say the words or complete the activities:

WORDS/CONCEPTS: Labor Day, ½ day, institute day, apples, football, baseball, fans, cheering, yelling, school, cheerleader, player, pencils, books, computers, PE (physical education), Art, Music, Library, Class DOJO, assembly, drills, picture day,


  • What was the best thing that happened at school today?
  • What was the words thing that happened at school today?


  • Read out loud, taking turns reading pages or reading to your child and then asking questions (what might happen next?  Who is your favorite person in the story so far?  How do you think the story will end? Etc.)
  • Practice saying words that come home from teacher, talk about their meaning.
  • Play I-spy game in the car with children on the way to various sports practices or games
Language Resources

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