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Mrs. Gheorghiu
Speech Language Pathologist - Haines

Please click the area below for ideas to incorporate language practice and enhancement in to your daily routines.

Language Ideas

  • Using a book or text book read a paragraph to them or have them read it to you and ask who, what, when, where, why questions to increase comprehension skills

  • Read a paragraph aloud to your child and stop periodically and ask them the meaning of a word or ask if they can think of another word/synonym for a particular word to increase comprehension.

  • Tasks that have multiple steps (i.e. wash the car, making toast or cereal, making a phone call, watching a DVD/Tape, making peanut butter and jelly sandwich etc.) you should take digital camera pictures of each step (simple as 3 steps as complicated as 10). The print and cut photos apart then have your child put them back in order and retell the story. Can do this also without pictures but rather you do in the activity with your child and ask them to tell you what to do (and you do it literally☺) which can work on problem solving skills/self help skills as well.

  • Playing board games is a great way to practice problem solving skills, win/lose concepts, social talking, taking turns.

  • Practice pre-writing webs (subject in the middle) off-shoots are supporting details.

  • Pre-read social studies/science curriculum

  • Use sticky notes to place on textbook pages and write important facts about

    a paragraph or main idea on them.

  • Make flashcards with vocabulary words, Sitton Spelling words and drill 2

    every day.

  • Ask child what they would do given a situation/problem (what 2 things

    could you do if your pencil broke during class?) in the academic or home


  • See if your child can identify correct usage of irregular plural (mice, moose,

    deer, men, women etc.) or irregular verbs (ran, sat, drank, went etc.) that you

    use in oral sentences.

  • Make a family story...practicing auditory/language memory skills...start

    with “I see a ( man)” next person says “ I see a man riding a motorcycle” next person says “ I see a man riding a black motorcycle” Keep building the story even if it gets a little outlandish that’s fine!!! ☺

  • Simon Says, Redlight Greenlight, Mother May I....used for following directions, composing questions auditory memory skills.

  • Websites (see attached work sheet)

  • Older kids: Journaling back and forth with them (asking a question of the day and they have to answer it and ask you a question back etc.)

  • Having your student explain what to do first, second, third in a game or to make a sandwich/toast/cereal etc. and do EXACTLY what they tell you see if they can increase their details and steps if you aren’t doing it correctly


  • To increase memory play “I’m going on a picnic/trip/shopping trip game”: First person says...we’re going on a picnic and I’m going to pack pickles. Second person says...we’re going on a picnic and we’re packing pickles, and then they add another item. Each person has to repeat every item that is being packed.

  • If they are not using proper grammar skills, repeat back to them what your ears heard “I heard you say....” And see if they can then fix the incorrect word, if not give them the start of the correct word as a cue seeing if they can then produce the correct word.

Language Resources

MAY words, questions, and activities to incorporate into your days with your children using good articulation skills as they say the words or complete the activities:

WORDS/CONCEPTS: May, flowers, spring, Memorial Day, end of the school year, warm, weather, thunder storms, tornadoes, hail, rain, precipitation, light jackets, graduation, cap/gown, diploma, soccer match, leaves, blossoming, flowering, peony, lilac, magnolia.


Did you get frustrated with anything at school today?

Were you able to finish all of your work today?

Tell me about a new word you heard today at school.


Go outside and have fun!