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Mrs. Gheorghiu
Speech Language Pathologist - Haines

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Pragmatic/Social Language Summer 2020

Some ideas for keeping social interaction and social language continuing during the summer months:


Sorry and Checkers =  using decision making (if/then), predicting

Go fish- memory, decision making, eye contact, conversational turn taking (saying a person's name to gain attention before asking for the card you need), turn taking (waiting for the person to respond before completing the next task)

Chutes and Ladders- turn taking, cause/effect (picture of what happened to the consequence of the action), positive/negative out comes(picture to picture).

Jokes: incorporate multiple meanings, idioms, figurative language, understanding appropriate times to laugh and how long to laugh, maybe they can practice one to say for family/to friends. Knock knock jokes are great too because they incorporate a given protocol/anticipated dialogue with a partner.



Videos: These incorporate little to no verbal but rather action and consequence, prediction, inferring, anticipating, problem solving (good and bad) to talk about with your child after the watch it 2 times.  Please preview before your child watches it! :)