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Elementary School
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Mrs. Gheorghiu
Speech Language Pathologist - Haines

SUMMER 2017  

Please open the drawer below and follow the link to Speaking Of Speech website for ideas on how to incorporate communication into your summer days!  

Pragmatic/Social Language Summer 2017

JUNE 2017

10-14th = Enjoy the first days of summer!  No school and no homework!

15th-21st = Practice phrases to introduce a new topic all week with parents, neighbors, friends.  (ex:  Guess what?, Do you know…, I want to tell you about… etc.) Modeling and reminding are great tools for this activity.

22nd-28th = Practice staying on topic during dinner conversations by making comments about the same topic, asking questions to gain more information

JULY 2017

1st-5th = Happy Independence day!  Have fun at picnics/BBQ’s/family gatherings this week.  Think about what you can do if you hear fireworks and are afraid or scared.  What will you do if the noise from the fireworks are too loud?  Remember to use good manners and take turns with friends/family when playing games or sports. 

6th-12th =  Talk about the emotions Sad/Happy; what do they mean, when are times you are these motions at home, at school?

13th-19th = Talk about the emotions Upset/Angry;  what is the difference between them, when have you been upset/angry this week, and what can you do to not be upset/angry?

 20th-26th = When you are playing outside or at the playground, invite a friend to play.  Use eye contact and ask, “Would you like to play?” If they say yes, take turns and use your words to communicate.  If they say no, then say “ok maybe next time” and ask another person if they want to play.

 27th-31st =  Try a new game that you have never played before, have a grown up help figure out the directions, set up and how to win or lose. 


 3rd-9th = Make a list of school supplies with your child that they will need for school and go shopping.

10th-16th = As the new school year approaches, start to talk about riding the bus to school, various problems and their solutions that can happen the first few days of the school year (ex:  bus may be late picking up at the bus stop, may have to wait in line if a car rider as students get dropped off etc.).  Talk about any fears your child might have about the first days of school after a great summer.

 17-19th = Enjoy your last days of summer!  See you at school on August 20! J